Thursday, August 31, 2006

Answered Prayer..

Today when I got home from work, I checked my e-mails. (For those of you who read my "pity party blog" last night, you knew I was in a desperate search for something. What, I'm not sure...but I knew I was missing something in my life.) So, one of my e-mails today was from a woman named Kay from the Lung Cancer Alliance. She saw my photo on "the faces of lung cancer - I'll tell you about that later" and heard my wishes for wanting to do something to educate the public about this horrid disease. She asked if she could contact me next week to see if I would be willing to be an advocate for lung cancer in Washington State. Hello? That's what I was needing. I need to be hooked up with other people who want to fight for our lives...starting at the state level.

I remember when I was younger (still in high school), I wanted to serve on a city council one day. Luckily for me, we never lived in the city limits so I couldn't run. (Where would I have found the time or the energy?) Maybe, I was suppose to save all my good stuff (whatever that might be) and show it off at our State Capitol for the "breath of life law" or the "dream big initative". Ok, now I'm getting carried away, but I feel like I may have found that "thing" I was talking about. I'm participating in my life...

Rick and I, along with his sister Vickie and brother-in-law Tom went to the Seahawk game tonight after work. For those of you who have never been to Quest field, it's a special treat. For those of you who haven't been to Quest field at Sunset, it's like Heaven. The sky was a beautiful pink, you could see the ferry boats leaving the harbor, the weather was a perfect 75 degrees, and the Seahawks won. I'm not sure it gets much better. We had a good time (went to Dick's before the game) and we got to spend some quality time with Vickie and Tom. I think the Seahawks are going to be fun to watch again this year.

Enjoy your Friday. I know I will!

Love you more than all the germs in a football players duffle bag. Ick!

Dreaming Big,

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I can't sleep...

I'm not sure what's keeping me awake. As tired as I was when I got home, you'd think I would have been asleep before dinner. Oh, my brain is heart just won't let me close my eyes.

Today I saw an aquaintance who looked great and is currently being treated for breast cancer. She told me how she had just been on a ferry ride and while she looked around she noticed that she was the only one on board who was wearing a wig. All the other passengers had hair that was blowing in the wind. She was happy to report however, that the doctor's have given her a 90+ percent chance of a cure. I'm thrilled for her progress. Though she still has a long road to travel before she is feeling like her old self again, I believe she is going to beat this.

Then I felt jealous. I thought, I just want the opportunity to have something removed, or my hair to fall out, or to feel sick...I keep thinking, if there is no can there be gain? I know that's not really the case, but it's hard for me to imagine that an expensive little pill is doing it all. The proof is in how I've been feeling (which is great) and I know that should be enough, but lately...I need more. I need miracles. I need to meet other women like me who are beating this thing and don't feel sick in the process. I need gentle reminders of hope.

Ok, I know what I really need. I need sleep. I'm going to bed now.

And, I just remembered...All you need is LOVE. What was I thinking?

Dreaming of miracles,

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Float like a Butterfly... Sting like a (Queen) Bee....?

Well, if her Lung Cancer wasn't scared of her before... Dor put on boxing gloves and took out some frustration on my punching bag tonight. In addition to photographs I also have a short video of her jumping around and punching the bag. She didn't know the camera was recording so that made the video even better. I have to say, it was pretty funny watching her play Muhammad Ali.... even though her stamina wasn't quite the same as his in his prime.

Mom came up to Mount Vernon after work to see me and do some errands. We had a blast. We went grocery shopping and laughed the entire time. She was making fun of my empty refrigerator, lack of creativity in the kitchen, etc. I was making fun of her inability to take the first item from the shelf (at one point she was literally on her tip toes trying to reach the bread that was at the very back of the shelf because "someone could have touched the first one"), her need to go down every isle, and her inability to enter a store... grab your items... and leave in a timely manner. We laughed at how different two people could be, yet playfully embraced our differences... and then shared a coffee. How quickly Starbucks can bring two seemingly opposite people together. Then... she cooked me dinner. Those of you who have never tasted her cooking might wonder what she made... those of you who have, already know it was amazing (regardless of what it was).

This afternoon and evening were great. I haven't had much quality time with my mom lately so I was really looking forward to it. I know she was exhausted when she left my house tonight, although she still had that smile on her face and the twinkle in her eyes. My heart feels warmer tonight and my mind is at ease.

Goodnight my friends.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Heading off to bed...

I didn't want you to think I'd forgotten to tell you about my day. It was another busy one as you can imagine. I worked, fixed dinner, went to a CAbi party (cute clothes), then got home in time for a good night's rest. I keep hoping it will slow down soon, but so far there is no end in sight. :(

I plan on spending the afternoon with Amy tomorrow after work. I had the chance to spend a nice day with Angie yesterday and hopefully I will see Jake this weekend. It is nice to have time with each of the kids alone. Rick gets me everyday (whether he likes it or not...though I'm pretty sure he likes having me around).

Sorry I don't have anything exciting to share. Maybe tomorrow! Remember, no news is great news.

Love you more than all the cow pies at the Evergreen State Fair.

Sweet Dreams ~

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mixed Emotions

We were lacking in quality mother-daughter time so we decided to spend the afternoon together doing something eventful. After a couple hours of (rushed) shopping (with Angie tracking our keep us focused)we ventured to the University of Washington to support Dawn (our aunt and sister-in-law) as she finished the 3 day Breast Cancer Walk. We are so proud of her for this accomplishment and her dedication to training for the event. There were over 2,700 walkers and thousands more spectators in attendance. The support for Breast Cancer is amazing. This is where the mixed emotions come in. Breast cancer now has an 88% - 5 year survival rate because of the dedication to finding a cure. We did a little research recently regarding attending a "walk or run" for lung cancer in our area. No luck. We were unable to come up with anything on the West Coast. How can this be? Is it because lung cancer has such a bad stigma attached to it? If so, we need to change that. Let's keep up the amazing dedication for breast cancer and perhaps initiate a stronger fight for lung cancer research.

Now for the shopping part...We didn't get anything new to wear to work. We're going to have to go shopping again soon. Darn it!

Love you more than all the PINK SHIRTS we saw at the breast cancer walk today.

Breathe Deep,
Angie & Dor

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Peaceful Saturday

I fell asleep very early last night and woke up at 8:15 this morning. I must have needed it. I feel refreshed.

I went to a few garage sales this morning. I'm not really a garage sale shopper but I went looking for a few items for Desert Aire. I like to take books over there for myself and others to read. (I never mind if someone takes it home if I only paid a buck for it) The best part of my morning however was running into Rick's cousin (well she's my cousin too) Jennifer and her daughters Savannah and Scarlett at one of the garage sales. We were able to chat for a while before Baby Scarlett was "ready to go". I love family.

Rick is out clearing some blackberry vines and other miscellaneous weeds from our property. (Any excuse to get on his bulldozer...) I think pushing trees and weeds down with a big piece of machinery is Rick's version of therapy. I refer to it as "Dirt Therapy". Anything to relieve stress and make the property look nice...I say go for it.

I'm going to leave you with a poem I read this morning that pretty much says it all:

I didn't ask for your time,
your patience, your concern.
I didn't ask for your calm words of wisdom.
But the most beautiful aspect of our friendship
is that you knew I needed them without my asking.
That's why I love you, my friend. ~ Paula Morisey

Dream Big (and get back to work...don't you have some gardening to do?)
All my love, Dor

Friday, August 25, 2006

Good Morning

It's 7:00am and I should be over at my office about now, but I didn't write yesterday and I didn't want to be put back on the WANTED LIST.

Though I've been telling everyone how I'm so happy to be at work...I'm happier that it's Friday. This seemed like a really long week but it always does when fall sports start up. Next week will be better when Pam and Janeen come back to work. (I will have my lunch buddies back ~ I can hardly wait)

After Rick and I went to Costco last night, we came home and took a walk. Blackberries are just hanging off the vines. I'm thinking about making blackberry jam :) I might even try sugar-free blackberry jam....I know, what you're thinking. Who is writing this? Martha Stewart?

I'd better get to work before they fire me :)


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Doctor's Report

I had a doctor's appointment in Seattle early this morning (we had to leave by 6:00 a.m. to get there on time). Dr. Eaton could tell that I was feeling great. I did tell him I had been feeling like I had a chest cold so we are going to watch it for a couple more weeks. If my chest is still feeling like this a couple weeks from now we are going to do a CT scan at my next appointment. My lungs sounded clear, so hopefully it is just a bug I caught from Rick (he's been sniffling and coughing for the past few weeks) Other than just my monthly chat with my oncologist, things look good. They say as long as there is no change it's a positive sign.

The plan...Tarceva (and all the other meds I take so I can keep taking the Tarceva), things that bring me joy, laughter, and taking walks. Sound easy to me :)

I know I've told you this many times, but I can't thank you all enough for your well wishes and kind words. Without the support I've had these first 4 months I'm not sure where I would be today.

I love you more than all the fans at a Spartan football game...Don't forget, the first game of the season September 1st at home against Lake Stevens, oh and volleyball is starting...and soccer...and swim...and cross country...and boys tennis (oh, my gosh...I can't even stop promoting Stanwood Athletics when I'm on my blog ~ I think I need professional help :)

Big Dreams,

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I've been found

I was waiting to see if there was going to be a reward before I turned myself in. I think sometimes my family exaggerates about not seeing me. The girls were over for dinner tonight as well as Jeff, Dawn and Darlena. Jeff came over to help Rick put the riding lawn mower back together (they dis-assembled it a few days ago). (This memo was from last night...sorry I forgot to publish it) Read on......

Who Do I Call to Make an Appointment?

Hello.... Is there anyone out there? From what I hear, there are "a few" people who read this website each day so I hope someone can help.

I seem to have lost my mom. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall, brownish-blonde hair, probably wearing something green... or something red with a Spartan head on it, and will probably answer to mom (regardless of who is calling for her.) It has been a few days since I've seen her and I am beginning to think she has re-enrolled as a student at Stanwood High School. I'm pretty sure she has already put in enough hours in the Athletic Department this month to get some P.E. credits and a Varsity Letter in Football.

I have attached a photo. Please take a good look at it and let me know if you have seen her. I miss her and I am afraid she may be in a work-induced coma. If you see her, please tell her to call her daughter Amy.

Thank You.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Just resting up!

I'm just sitting here at the computer relaxing from my massage earlier this evening. I know I've said it before, but if you only treat yourself to one thing in life...make it a massage (it's so much more than a "back rub", it's a mind massage.) Ok, that was my monthly pitch for massage. (This photo is not me during my was just some pretty lady who didn't have drool running down the side of her mouth - like I did!)

Work was WILD today. The 1st day of sports always proves to be a challenge. Thank goodness I had my office fairies again. Whenever I hear people talk poorly about teenagers, I want to say "come by my office everyday and check out the amazing kids I get to work with". Perhaps that might change their minds. Have I told you lately how much I love working at the High School with my friends and kids?

We had a nice barbeque at Angie's last night. The whole family (minus Jake) was there, though he called while we were eating and Rick put him on speakerphone so it felt like he was with us. We really do have wonderful children. We are blessed :)

I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I'm sure Dr. Eaton will say "you seem to be doing great, so whatever it is you're doing....keep it up". Other than feeling a bit tired (most of it is self induced) I really do feel good. I completely forget about the cancer when I'm at work. Maybe that's why I enjoy being there.

It's 9:00 so I'd better head off to bed. I'm still catching up on sleep lost this past weekend. Ugh!

I love you more than all the ears of corn in Nebraska (with melted butter). (There is a lot of corn in Nebraska isn't there?)

Dreaming, Hoping, Believing~

Sunday, August 20, 2006

What an evening (and morning)

It's 3:30am and we're just getting home. All of my friends are a bad influnce. However, I did have a wonderful time. My classmates looked great...heck, we are only 48 years old. How bad could that look? Our 7th grade teacher, John Galbreath showed up which was quite a hit. Thanks Mr. G. I've had a little bit of wine tonight I must admit, but I'm very clear on how nice it was to see so many of my high school buddies.

That 1st paragraph was written when I got home. I had to do a little spell and grammer check (if you know what I mean). It is now 11:30 am. We just got out of bed. Seems like we really are in high school - go to bed at 3:30am then wake at noon. Oh, how our parents must have loved us.

Now that my head isn't so "foggy" I want to share some special moments. Cathy and Reid met me a little early for a bite to eat before the event started (That really worked out well for me, I might add...I invited them to dinner and they paid. - Thanks again). From the second I got there, I knew it was going to be fun. Reid pretended to be my "husband" to the waitress so he could charge things on my credit card (this went on all night long).... Kathy DeWater Holt brought me a beautiful flower pot to let me know that she was thinking of me. Linda Pearson, an early childhood friend, who lives in Tenino said she and her daughter read my blog every day (Hello girls). My dearest friend Kathi came and I couldn't have been happier. She and her husband Chris kept us laughing most of the night. I was touched by how many people keep up to date by reading this. Thanks to Dave Rygmyr, Kirk Shroyer & Karen Williams for putting this reunion together. Janice Cunningham provided us with beautiful flower arrangements and JR and Vicki Dorsey provided the after reunion party - which was a noisy, hilarious, we've gotta do this again, BLAST! (Thanks for your generosity...and the 2002 Merlot)

The one area I didn't do so well in was the photography department. I forgot a camera. However, I did have my camera phone which takes very high quality pictures (NOT). So, I don't have any pictures to share with you. Please just take my word on this one. Thanks again friends for adding one more special time in my already overflowing memory bank.

Dream Big, Laugh, Sleep In if you need to ~
(voted class cut-up...Stanwood High School Class of 1976 - I was hoping for most likely to succeed, or best physique but I needed to study harder and work out to be up for those awards- Dang-it!)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

4 months already?

Good morning gang~

Can you believe it? Four months have passed since my diagnosis. April 19th was a devastating day for me. I didn't know what to expect. Now, four months later, I'm back at work (full time as long as I can handle it or they can handle me), I had a very playful summer, and life is back to "normal" as I once knew it. I am so happy that my medicines are helping with the symptoms. Just think, four months from now I'll be enjoying Christmas with all of you hopefully saying the same thing...I feel great. Let's hear it for Tarceva!

Tonight is my 30th class reunion. How can that be, I'm at the high school everyday? I didn't buy anything new to wear, but who will know? No one cares what you're wearing anyway. They just want to see how much weight you've gained over the 30 years and how grey your hair is getting (or if you still have hair). Just kidding...I'm sure we've all aged gracefully... I just want to see my old friends again. As long as they still have a smile, they'll all be beautiful.

Dream Big and laugh out loud,

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Update #102 (or something like that)

I had a very nice day today. I worked this morning, then went to LaConner for an Athletic Director/Secretary meeting. I had the pleasure of seeing all the wonderful A.D.'s and secretaries I work with (from a distance). I was greeted with lots of hugs and well wishes. Just another reason I love doing my job.

I got a little scolding from my daughters and husband about working too hard, so for their benefit....after the meeting today I wandered around LaConner with my friend Kim Boyer (one of the many things that brings me joy). We had a lovely afternoon. I feel more rested tonight. Please don't worry about me. I promise I'm not overdoing it!

I just got off the phone with Jake who sounded down and out. I asked what was going on and he told me he's had a bad couple of days. Being the nosey mom that I am...I asked what was bothering him. He proceeded to tell me that a "brother" from his fraternity just lost his mother on Tuesday to CANCER. He said it was a taste of reality that he wasn't ready for. What could I say? I could assure him that I'm feeling fine. I could tell him that the medicine has made me feel better. But, I couldn't promise him anything. I knew this year was going to be a tough one. It may be harder than we expected.

I know many of you have me in your thoughts and prayers. Please don't forget my family. I think sometimes they need it more than I do.

Hugs and kisses,
Big Dreamer Dor

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm a tired girl tonight

Another busy day at the office. I had my worker bees with me again (Thank goodness). The office is starting to come to life again with staff and students. Before long, we'll be back to "normal".

I finally spoke to Jake today. He has been busy with rush so I haven't talked to him much. Amy is just about done with her training (she gets back Friday night). Angie is enjoying her last few days before she heads back to work and she's trying to get her fence painted. Rick is fighting a sinus cold so he is feeling miserable. And me...I'm just enjoying life.

I'm exhausted tonight. (The new bosses are slave drivers) just kidding. We get busy working on a new project and before you know it, the time has completely gotten away from us. I'm hoping this is going to be a fabulous year!

Love you all,
You know what I'm going to say next?



Dream Big,

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My new window decal...

This is a window decal that Kelly Lloyd and her daughter Morgan had made for me. (actually, Morgan has one too!) I LOVE IT!

Work is going well. Luckily, I had more help today. Leah Titus was back as well as the McCune kids. With all this extra help, I think I'm ready for fall sports to start.

After work today, Aunt Fran, Jennifer and baby Scarlett came by to visit. I haven't seen them since Relay for Life and what a pleasure it was. Angie stopped by as well with my grand dog Claira who performed some new tricks. Then this evening, Nicole McCune settled in for a couple of days (I would keep her if I could. I don't think her mom and dad would like it though). I love being surrounded by people I love. Thank you all for spending precious time with me.

I'm heading off to bed now. Hope to see you all very soon.

Dream Big,

Monday, August 14, 2006

1st day back to work

I survived. What more can I say? Leah Titus and her friend Carly dropped in this morning like little office angels and worked with me until almost 4:00 this afternoon. What would I have done without them? Thank you girls. You're welcome to drop in anytime.... I'm picking Leah up again in the morning. Besides all the help she provides, I love her company. :)

I think I'd better write in the blog during the evenings or I'll be late for work everyday. I'm never sure what I'm going to say so, it takes me at least a half an hour to get my words right. And then, sometimes I never figure it out!

Jacob starts Rush week at WSU tomorrow. I know he's excited to be back in Pullman, but we already miss having him around. Amy called from Texas today. She said it's hotter than heck, she's got a ton of bug bites and she really misses me. That's sweet Amy. I miss you, MORE! Oh great....there is another book waiting to be published. "I miss you more than...." Angie is at work everyday ordering equipment & supplies and organizing her classroom. She will always be the kind of teacher who can't wait to get back to work. I wonder who taught her that habit...spends too much time at school...comes in over the summer...stays late????

For Rick's 50th birthday present, my friend, Peggy (many of you know her as the Pegster) took black and white photos of me. I've posted one of them for your viewing pleasure. Isn't is amazing what a little make-up and black and white film can do?

I'm heading off to bed now. Love you more than all the athletic eligibility packets I approved today.

Dream Big,

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back to Reality

Here's the deal...I'm officially back to work tomorrow. I've worked a few hours here and there, but nothing substantial. I've had an amazing summer. I've done little to no gardening (weeding), housework was a thing of the past, I've learned to nap, spent a great deal of time vacationing and playing with friends and family, I've read some books that were on my list, and I sat in the front row of the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert (I promise that will be the last time I mention it). But now, the Stanwood High School Athletic Department needs me. Ok, I might need it more than I'm willing to admit. I'm looking forward to my old routine. Get up, go to work, laugh, work some more, lunch with my friends, laugh, work a little more, then home. Sounds like heaven to me.

I'm attaching some photos. Hope you enjoy them.

Happy Birthday to my dear friends Janeen (Neener) who is celebrating her 39th birthday for the umpteenth time (you look fabulous) and one of my "daughters" Morgan, who just turned 18...don't forget you are now responsible for your own actions. (Just kidding, we'll blame your brother :)

Before I end this blog, I want to make sure that my "soulmate" knows what an incredible time I had this past weekend. Though you always make me feel loved and needed, this weekend was an extra special time for just the two of us. Thank you Ricky, for the gentle reminders of your love. Forever, Me

Dream Big,

Saturday, August 12, 2006

It was amazing

First...let us take the time to say thank you, thank you, thank you for voting for us.

Secondly....Wow. It was an amazing evening. We got to Seattle early so we could join in some of the pre-concert events. We stopped by the KMPS broadcast tent to say thanks and we ended up talking on air. As usual, I couldn't make it through the interview without crying. Everytime I think my tears are dried up, someone says or does something so touching that my eye rivers start flowing again. We entered a kiss toss (the event was sponsored by Hershey's) and we tied with another couple. The prize was for seats on the floor and since we already had seats in the front row we let them win. Ok, I choked. I was doing fine as the tosser, but after the tie, I had to be the catcher...and I had a depth perception problem. I felt bad...but only until I remembered I was with my soulmate. :)

Once we got inside Key Arena we were seated. Front row just like they promised. The concert was wonderful, we laughed, we cried, we sang along, we took about 40 photos (which I promise to post some as soon as I can get them downloaded, and we were just like groupies... Faith and Tim touched us (we haven't showered since-just kidding) This really was an evening to remember.

We left right from the concert and drove to Desert Aire. We got here around 2:15 which is about the same amount of time it took Angie to get to Arlington from the concert on Wednesday night. We had a few things to do over here, besides just relaxing and we weren't sure when we would get back again. We aren't staying all weekend, so I'll talk to you all again soon.

One more time....Thank you for your love, friendship and votes.

Dreaming Big,
Doreen and Rick

Friday, August 11, 2006

An Evening to Remember!

I just got a phone call from my parents. They asked me to let everyone know that they had a wonderful time last night at the concert. When Mom gets back to her computer she promises to give us a complete update. I would personally like to thank everyone that took time to vote for them. Thanks for giving them an evening of a lifetime!

Living Strong-

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We Won!

Thanks for your votes everyone. Rick and I were the 1st place winners for the KMPS soulmate contest. We have front row tickets to the Faith Hill/Tim McGraw concert tomorrow night. I told you all a couple of days ago that we were winners even if we didn't win this contest and I meant it. This is just the frosting on the cake. I can't stop shaking....or smiling :) Thanks again for everything!

I love you more than all the votes we got!

Dream Big,

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back to School

I head back to school tomorrow and I am really torn about leaving. I want to be home with the family, but I have worked hard for three years to get my education and become a teacher. My mom and I have already made a deal that we would come see each other at least one time a month. Whether I am meeting her over at the Desert, she meets up with me at Pullman or I just come home for the weekend. With my schedule, I do not have class on Fridays which will allow me to head home or to the Desert on Thursday night to have an extra day with her. This is going to be a difficult year for me, but with the love and support that our family has we can get through anything.
I had a wonderful time snuggling with my mom tonight before she went to Bunko. Those are the times that I am going to miss the most. If there has been one thing that I have gained from this eye opening experience is that enjoy the time that you have with your loved ones, because you never know what will happen next.
I will be checking the blog each morning to make sure that I have an update. You all can thank me for that. :) Make sure that you continue to help my mom smile, laugh and love. If she is doing those three things this year will go by a lot quicker.
Thanks again for all of your love and support,

The Cough?

Nothing to worry about yet. My Dr.'s office at Seattle Cancer Care said even people with lung cancer sometimes just get a cold. I'm taking some Tylenol Cold medicine to see if we can kick it. Besides the cough, my chest and back feel a little tight and I'm a little hoarse. Other than that, I'm my "old self". Let's hope I've just caught a little virus.

Today will be another great day. A massage this morning with Sherry Carroll (that seems to help everything that's ailing). Then to Starbucks with Angie and Rachael (a former Stanwood student) . After coffee, it's lunch at Jimmy's with 2 more friends. Then home to get some work done and rest until it's time for Bunco tonight. Jake is staying home most of the day to get all his college gear packed up, since he leaves tomorrow morning. I hate to go by his room and see the stuff piling up. He knows it makes me sad to see him leave, so he closes the door quickly when he hears me coming down the hall. I know he's anxious to get back to Pullman. He has a great group of friends and "family" over there who are a wonderful support for him.

I talked to Amy yesterday. During a class she was in, a Texas cockroach scurried up the wall. She said it was about the size of a credit card. Luckily, class was dismissed for 5 minutes until they could corral it. Apparently, everything is BIGGER in Texas!

This past weekend, my folks brought crab up to us to share with our friends who were visiting from Spokane. My mom always spoils me...she takes all the crab out of the shells before they deliver it - So, it's ready to go when I get it. Don't tell my mom and dad, but...we didn't eat it when our friends were here...instead we had crab salads and a crab stuffed portabella mushroom on Sunday night after they were gone. I opened the container when they were here and we picked at it a little, but we never got around to eating it as a meal until Sunday after they were gone. Oops!

If you haven't voted for your favorite "soulmates", today is the last day to vote on KMPS for couple #146! Thanks again for all of your support! We love you more than all the country songs in Nashville...

Dream Big,

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Summer is ending...

We all have events that we use as markers for time. One of my major markers for my summer ending is, the Stanwood Camano Fair. I know that shortly after it's over, football begins then all the other fall sports follow closely behind. One of my jobs is to help get the kids and coaches ready for their seasons to start. So, with the fair's time for me to start thinking about work again.

I have lots of little things I wanted to do this summer but never found the time. I planned on "Riding the Ducks" with Pam, going to the zoo with the Titus girls, painting my deck rails, and much...much...more. I'm still working at accomplishing these things, but who knows what I'll complete? All I can do is try...

Amy arrived in Texas today for her military training (Captain Schmitt is what we'll need to start calling her in September). She said the weather was 102 degrees when she stepped off the plane. Hopefully it will cool down while she's there. I can't imagine training in that kind of weather. The best advice I had for her was HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE... Let's all wish her luck.

Jake is getting ready to head back to school for his Senior year as a Coug. I'm going to miss having him home. He does so much around the house without ever being asked. After he leaves I'll probably be exhausted all the time because I'll have to do my own work. He leaves on Wednesday but he's already preparing for the move. :( I'm going to try to get our family together at least once a month while Jake is over in Pullman. We need to stay connected now more than ever.

Angie's classroom curriculum is going to change a little this coming year. She will be teaching fitness and nutrition along with her regular Phys Ed classes. She is a teacher with a clear vision and I can't wait to see what she has in sight for the upcoming year. (I know if she is teaching nutrition she might have to cut back on her Diet Coke addiction).

We are very proud of our children. I'm sure many of you get tired hearing about them, but their determination is never ending and we love to share them with everyone. I'm not sure where they got this ambition and drive, but it helps me get through my hard times knowing that they will be able to take care of themselves better than I could have ever hoped for.

I'm beat so I'm heading off for bed. I know it's a little early, but it can never hurt to have too much beauty sleep.

Dream Big,

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thanks for your votes...

It's been a busy couple of days. Sorry I didn't write sooner. I had a wonderful dinner at Anthony's the other night with my friends Morgan and Kelly (we celebrated Morgan's 18th birthday).

Last night we went to the Stanwood Fair for dinner (isn't that what everyone does during fair time?) with our friends Bob & Dy and Dave & Val. The girls met us at the fairgrounds later on, Jake decided not to go (he said he's been to the fair for the past 20 years and didn't think it would be much different). Though he was right, I NEED to go to the Stanwood Camano Fair every year. It's a tradition. :)

Health wise, I've got a cough. Not a bad one, but enough that I need to keep an eye on it. With everyone's advice (miracle creams) my heels are feeling much better.

Thanks for all your votes. I'll let you know on Wednesday if we won anything. Even if we didn't win tickets to the concert...WE ARE WINNERS WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS LIKE YOU!

Dream Big,

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Your new favorite number is 146? I hope...

I have a big favor to ask all of you (and all of your friends). KMPS radio station is having a contest about Soulmates (the winners recieve tickets to the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert on August 10th). I've entered Rick and I but we need your votes. The contest is based on viewers choice. To get to the website...please go to To place your vote follow the directions on the main screen to vote for your "favorite soulmates" (Rick and Doreen). Scroll to the bottom of the page and put in your new favorite number 146. Voting ends on August 8th at 5:00pm

I promise to take lots of photos and share them with all of you.

Thanks for loving us~
We love you more than all the votes we're hoping to get...

Dream Big,
Doreen & Rick


Apparently, I'm lacking in the sleep department. I could sleep all day if I didn't have other things planned. I didn't get moving until late yesterday morning, then I took a cat nap before going to Pam's house last evening, and I was still in bed around 9:00pm. Here it is 9:30am and I'm ready for a nap again. Oh well, a little extra sleep never hurt anyone. (I think they refer to this as beauty sleep...and I can use some of that)

Within this past week, we've had 2 deaths touch a couple of family friends. Both were very unexpected departures. I'm not sure what to say to these people because I can't imagine what they must be feeling. I've shared with all of you how lucky I am to be able to express my thoughts and feelings everyday because I've been given a warning. I know it's hard to learn from other people's experiences but please work hard on living each day to it's fullest.

It's time for me to get busy doing jobs around the house before I take another nap.

Love you more than all the clothes in my ironing basket...

Dream Big,

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August Already?

Where has the time gone? Jake is getting ready to head back to college for his Senior year to become a teacher, Amy is heading off for officer training classes in Texas (she will be a Captain in the Air Force Reserves, soon - Congratulations Amy), Angie will be back at Shoultes Elementary to educate 500 little minds before we know it (they just love her), and I go back to the office in about a week and a half. When Rick gets off work for the day and there is hay cut down someplace, he helps his dad and nephew until late in the evening. I think that is about done as well.

I've learned recently that many people check this blog on a regular basis. So, when I notice. Since Jake and Amy will be away soon, I'm promising to put a blog together daily to keep them up on what's happening (as well as all of you).

I was blessed yesterday with some visitors from Idaho. Steve Novotny (a former teacher at SHS) and his wife Tony(a former teacher at Utsalady Elementary) stopped by and we visited for almost the entire day. It was wonderful seeing them. Later that evening, my brother in law, sister in law and niece came over for dinner. (Jeff defrosted too many steaks so he needed someone to help eat them...we volunteered)

Health update: Skin - VERY DRY, Throat - Very Dry, Heals - VERY VERY DRY and cracked, (I'm beginning to see a pattern) I must say I've been a little more exhausted than usual, but I have had some very busy events happen lately. I still have a bit of a headache at times and my leg cramps are few and far between. The lungs? Oh, they're still there with cancer....but we're working hard to keep it from spreading. So far, so good. I've just entered another month...Hello August!

I love you more than all the candy that will be thrown at the Stanwood Camano Parade on Saturday morning.

Dream Big,