Saturday, August 19, 2006

4 months already?

Good morning gang~

Can you believe it? Four months have passed since my diagnosis. April 19th was a devastating day for me. I didn't know what to expect. Now, four months later, I'm back at work (full time as long as I can handle it or they can handle me), I had a very playful summer, and life is back to "normal" as I once knew it. I am so happy that my medicines are helping with the symptoms. Just think, four months from now I'll be enjoying Christmas with all of you hopefully saying the same thing...I feel great. Let's hear it for Tarceva!

Tonight is my 30th class reunion. How can that be, I'm at the high school everyday? I didn't buy anything new to wear, but who will know? No one cares what you're wearing anyway. They just want to see how much weight you've gained over the 30 years and how grey your hair is getting (or if you still have hair). Just kidding...I'm sure we've all aged gracefully... I just want to see my old friends again. As long as they still have a smile, they'll all be beautiful.

Dream Big and laugh out loud,

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