Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Float like a Butterfly... Sting like a (Queen) Bee....?

Well, if her Lung Cancer wasn't scared of her before... Dor put on boxing gloves and took out some frustration on my punching bag tonight. In addition to photographs I also have a short video of her jumping around and punching the bag. She didn't know the camera was recording so that made the video even better. I have to say, it was pretty funny watching her play Muhammad Ali.... even though her stamina wasn't quite the same as his in his prime.

Mom came up to Mount Vernon after work to see me and do some errands. We had a blast. We went grocery shopping and laughed the entire time. She was making fun of my empty refrigerator, lack of creativity in the kitchen, etc. I was making fun of her inability to take the first item from the shelf (at one point she was literally on her tip toes trying to reach the bread that was at the very back of the shelf because "someone could have touched the first one"), her need to go down every isle, and her inability to enter a store... grab your items... and leave in a timely manner. We laughed at how different two people could be, yet playfully embraced our differences... and then shared a coffee. How quickly Starbucks can bring two seemingly opposite people together. Then... she cooked me dinner. Those of you who have never tasted her cooking might wonder what she made... those of you who have, already know it was amazing (regardless of what it was).

This afternoon and evening were great. I haven't had much quality time with my mom lately so I was really looking forward to it. I know she was exhausted when she left my house tonight, although she still had that smile on her face and the twinkle in her eyes. My heart feels warmer tonight and my mind is at ease.

Goodnight my friends.


Anonymous said...


I had a wonderful time too. Though I love to have my kids around me all the time, I must say that one on one with each of you is priceless. Thanks again for being you (even though sometimes it makes me crazy ~ you really do need food in your fridge)

Kitty Licks,

Anonymous said...

I totally can see the two of you at the store, and it brought great laughter and sweet tears to my morning!! I love how you all Love each other!!!!!!!!!!!!

It makes my day to get on this blog and see what's happening...I love You all!! And thanks for always starting me off on the right foot with laughter and love!!!
And reming me to not mess around with our boxing queen!!