Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back to School

I head back to school tomorrow and I am really torn about leaving. I want to be home with the family, but I have worked hard for three years to get my education and become a teacher. My mom and I have already made a deal that we would come see each other at least one time a month. Whether I am meeting her over at the Desert, she meets up with me at Pullman or I just come home for the weekend. With my schedule, I do not have class on Fridays which will allow me to head home or to the Desert on Thursday night to have an extra day with her. This is going to be a difficult year for me, but with the love and support that our family has we can get through anything.
I had a wonderful time snuggling with my mom tonight before she went to Bunko. Those are the times that I am going to miss the most. If there has been one thing that I have gained from this eye opening experience is that enjoy the time that you have with your loved ones, because you never know what will happen next.
I will be checking the blog each morning to make sure that I have an update. You all can thank me for that. :) Make sure that you continue to help my mom smile, laugh and love. If she is doing those three things this year will go by a lot quicker.
Thanks again for all of your love and support,


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm gonna be praying for you lots this year. I know I love my mom a lot, and you love yours, you can count on my prayers during this crazy difficult year. -Anna Huntington

Anonymous said...


Good luck this year!! Yippeeeeee, the last year!!

You can count on all the freinds and family here at home to makes sure that your mom is doing good, Smiling, laughing, making silly jokes, lots of love here for your momma and you know that!!!

You concentrate on school and make her proud'er....Enjoy this year like no other.. And know that your mom's only a call away, or a few hr. drive aways!! Love ya more then a sweet Pea!! Go Red Sox!!!! Peg:)

Janeen said...

Jacob (Senior Cougar),

The luckiest children will be the ones that have you and Angie for teachers. It's obvious that all 3 of the Schmitt kids will be passing along all the good stuff that your parents passed along to you.

Your mom's Angels (Pam and I) will be watching over her. I know that everyone whose lives have been touched by Doreen Schmitt are now her angels on earth. We're not only DREAMING BIG, we're also BELIEVING!

I'll be seeing you when I come to visit MY Cougar.

Love and a really big hug,