Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Cough?

Nothing to worry about yet. My Dr.'s office at Seattle Cancer Care said even people with lung cancer sometimes just get a cold. I'm taking some Tylenol Cold medicine to see if we can kick it. Besides the cough, my chest and back feel a little tight and I'm a little hoarse. Other than that, I'm my "old self". Let's hope I've just caught a little virus.

Today will be another great day. A massage this morning with Sherry Carroll (that seems to help everything that's ailing). Then to Starbucks with Angie and Rachael (a former Stanwood student) . After coffee, it's lunch at Jimmy's with 2 more friends. Then home to get some work done and rest until it's time for Bunco tonight. Jake is staying home most of the day to get all his college gear packed up, since he leaves tomorrow morning. I hate to go by his room and see the stuff piling up. He knows it makes me sad to see him leave, so he closes the door quickly when he hears me coming down the hall. I know he's anxious to get back to Pullman. He has a great group of friends and "family" over there who are a wonderful support for him.

I talked to Amy yesterday. During a class she was in, a Texas cockroach scurried up the wall. She said it was about the size of a credit card. Luckily, class was dismissed for 5 minutes until they could corral it. Apparently, everything is BIGGER in Texas!

This past weekend, my folks brought crab up to us to share with our friends who were visiting from Spokane. My mom always spoils me...she takes all the crab out of the shells before they deliver it - So, it's ready to go when I get it. Don't tell my mom and dad, but...we didn't eat it when our friends were here...instead we had crab salads and a crab stuffed portabella mushroom on Sunday night after they were gone. I opened the container when they were here and we picked at it a little, but we never got around to eating it as a meal until Sunday after they were gone. Oops!

If you haven't voted for your favorite "soulmates", today is the last day to vote on KMPS for couple #146! Thanks again for all of your support! We love you more than all the country songs in Nashville...

Dream Big,


Amy Schmitt said...

Mom... greetings from the great state of Texas. Well, I don't know about "great" but it is certainly hot!

I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling too well. You must miss me. Get some meds and rest up because I'll be home soon.

I love you more than all the sweat in my combat boots. :)

Love you lots-
Your little soldier

Anonymous said...

Doreen coffee was fun this morning! Your such an amazing person! I couldn't begin to tell you how much you have touched my heart or encouraged me to be the best most amazing person that I could be! Thanks a lot Dor! I love you more than all votes your getting for kmps!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to my Homeslice!!! Tommorrow is a big day, Faith Hill concert coming up for the schmitt couple!! Love you two, Pegster:)