Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We Won!

Thanks for your votes everyone. Rick and I were the 1st place winners for the KMPS soulmate contest. We have front row tickets to the Faith Hill/Tim McGraw concert tomorrow night. I told you all a couple of days ago that we were winners even if we didn't win this contest and I meant it. This is just the frosting on the cake. I can't stop shaking....or smiling :) Thanks again for everything!

I love you more than all the votes we got!

Dream Big,


Amy Schmitt said...


Of course you won... everyone loves you! There are 18 officers sitting in a hot classroom in Texas... none of them know you but all of them are clapping and cheering for you. Everyday you inspire more and more people....

Again, congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Never doubted it for a minute!

Anonymous said...

Okay Amy, I told you I had it under control!! So freakin cool!! Love it!!
Hey Slice...
Have a most awesome time getting down with that Funky County music... I'll be thinking bout you two!! Love you lots, Peg

Anonymous said...

Absolutley fabulous! I knew you would win! Have a great time.

Janeen said...

Reener & Ricky,
Say hello to Faith and Tim for me! I want to see pictures of you guys in your cowboy boots and hats. I'll be listening to KMPS to hear you visiting with Tony Thomas and who knows who. Everyone is so excited for you two. We'll all be feeling like we're right there in the front row with you. You are going to have a blast, then you better rest up at the Desert.
Love you more than all the smiles on the faces of the people that voted for you Soulmates.

Anonymous said...

We went last night and had so much fun! Make sure you leave really early it took us 2 1/2 hours to get there from Stanwood. Love you guys!!!
Lindsey Signer

Anonymous said...

Have an amazing time tonight!! You both deserve it. Thanks so much for the picture frame. It is hanging up on my fridge. You look so beautiful in that picture. Now everytime I am in the kitchen I will think of you. I miss you and love you. Hope to see you in the near future.
Love: Megan

Anonymous said...

Hee Haw Cowgirl! So did you dance on the stage? What's the story??
Love you more than all the 'twangs' in a country music song! Donna