Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thanks for your votes...

It's been a busy couple of days. Sorry I didn't write sooner. I had a wonderful dinner at Anthony's the other night with my friends Morgan and Kelly (we celebrated Morgan's 18th birthday).

Last night we went to the Stanwood Fair for dinner (isn't that what everyone does during fair time?) with our friends Bob & Dy and Dave & Val. The girls met us at the fairgrounds later on, Jake decided not to go (he said he's been to the fair for the past 20 years and didn't think it would be much different). Though he was right, I NEED to go to the Stanwood Camano Fair every year. It's a tradition. :)

Health wise, I've got a cough. Not a bad one, but enough that I need to keep an eye on it. With everyone's advice (miracle creams) my heels are feeling much better.

Thanks for all your votes. I'll let you know on Wednesday if we won anything. Even if we didn't win tickets to the concert...WE ARE WINNERS WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS LIKE YOU!

Dream Big,

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