Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who Do I Call to Make an Appointment?

Hello.... Is there anyone out there? From what I hear, there are "a few" people who read this website each day so I hope someone can help.

I seem to have lost my mom. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall, brownish-blonde hair, probably wearing something green... or something red with a Spartan head on it, and will probably answer to mom (regardless of who is calling for her.) It has been a few days since I've seen her and I am beginning to think she has re-enrolled as a student at Stanwood High School. I'm pretty sure she has already put in enough hours in the Athletic Department this month to get some P.E. credits and a Varsity Letter in Football.

I have attached a photo. Please take a good look at it and let me know if you have seen her. I miss her and I am afraid she may be in a work-induced coma. If you see her, please tell her to call her daughter Amy.

Thank You.


One of the Angels said...

Dear Amy,
There has been a sighting of someone that fits the description of your mother today at Taco Time in Stanwood. She has been known to frequent that fine dining establishment on Tuesdays and is usually accompanied by 2 other women. One of them has "Copper Penny" red hair. These 3 women may be going by the alias' Farrah, Kate, and Jaclyn. They order 6 tacos, but only pay for 4 of them!
Let me know if I can be of any assistance in your hunt for your missing mother. She sure is a cutie and she is lucky to have such a caring and concerned daughter.

Anonymous said...

I on the other hand, have not been as lucky to see her since August 13th at approximitley Noon-ish on the Island. :(
If you do find her, please let her know I miss her desperatley and could use a BIG HUG.


Anonymous said...

Amy Zoe
I pretty sure I have the answer you're looking for. I believe "I SLEPTED WITH YOUR MOTHER LAST NIGHT". I didn't know I married an "OLDER WOMAN".There seems to be an age discrepancy between your blog and the age your beautiful mother presented herself to me over 32 years ago. She loves her job and yes she's probably spending "A LITTLE TO MUCH TIME THERE LATELY".I will try to get her to not work so long hours,actually "I BEEN TRYING TO DO THAT FOR SOME TIME NOW". You know she's "HAPPY" when she's working at "SHS". THANKS FOR CARING.

Anonymous said...


I think Amy was saying that Doreen is 5' 6", not 56. At least that is how I read the Blog, but I could be wrong. I will have to come up sometime soon and see the lovely Doreen. I haven't seen her since the relay and I really do miss her smiling face. She is always full of smiles and makes me feel good just looking at her. Take care,

Shellee :)

sherry said...

Dear Amy,
I believe I massaged a blond the other night fitting a similar description...long, lean, with cute feet. She commented she was about to drool on my toes she felt so good.
Then like that, she was off the table and gone. I will be seeing her soon. I will report with more sightings.
in the mean time I want her to have this

Who is she?
There are many ways to describe a woman mother, daughter,sister or wife, student, teacher,leader or friend.
But the thoughts are not about the title or roles
they are about the spirit and heart.
She is not about fame or acclaim, she is about caring and accomplishment
look around
there are certain woman in out world who have the gift of finding joy everwhere and leaving it behind when they go.
You'll find her immersed in her work or slow dancing with their dreams and making a difference for all those around her.
She is a woman who can flood our souls with light and laughter...
strength and courage...
Hope and dreams

It's not just what they do that sets her apart
It's how SHE makes us feel
She is someone gentle but powerful
Someone who's music washes away the dust of everyday life
Someone who makes a laugh when we thought we would cry.
Someone who can pick up the pieces and give them back in the right order.
Someone who cares.
I feel lucky and so blessed to have a special woman like you in my life.
Its hard to exspress how I feel about you, and how you have taught me so much with your stories, advice, and encouraging words.
What I can do is...
Affirm you,
Thank you,
and celebrate knowing YOU.
Love and wellness to you my friend,