Monday, August 21, 2006

Just resting up!

I'm just sitting here at the computer relaxing from my massage earlier this evening. I know I've said it before, but if you only treat yourself to one thing in life...make it a massage (it's so much more than a "back rub", it's a mind massage.) Ok, that was my monthly pitch for massage. (This photo is not me during my was just some pretty lady who didn't have drool running down the side of her mouth - like I did!)

Work was WILD today. The 1st day of sports always proves to be a challenge. Thank goodness I had my office fairies again. Whenever I hear people talk poorly about teenagers, I want to say "come by my office everyday and check out the amazing kids I get to work with". Perhaps that might change their minds. Have I told you lately how much I love working at the High School with my friends and kids?

We had a nice barbeque at Angie's last night. The whole family (minus Jake) was there, though he called while we were eating and Rick put him on speakerphone so it felt like he was with us. We really do have wonderful children. We are blessed :)

I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I'm sure Dr. Eaton will say "you seem to be doing great, so whatever it is you're doing....keep it up". Other than feeling a bit tired (most of it is self induced) I really do feel good. I completely forget about the cancer when I'm at work. Maybe that's why I enjoy being there.

It's 9:00 so I'd better head off to bed. I'm still catching up on sleep lost this past weekend. Ugh!

I love you more than all the ears of corn in Nebraska (with melted butter). (There is a lot of corn in Nebraska isn't there?)

Dreaming, Hoping, Believing~


Anonymous said...

I feel a law suit coming your way!! You can't go putting pictures of me in a towel on your blog!! But dang, don't I look good!! lol,lol,lol... Just kiddin!! I wish that it was me, I haven't had a message since way back in the day....I could use some pampering!!

Well have a good day!! Love you lots and more then you know!! Pegster

Joey said...

I read the Blog everyday too. I cant wait to see you all again!