Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mixed Emotions

We were lacking in quality mother-daughter time so we decided to spend the afternoon together doing something eventful. After a couple hours of (rushed) shopping (with Angie tracking our keep us focused)we ventured to the University of Washington to support Dawn (our aunt and sister-in-law) as she finished the 3 day Breast Cancer Walk. We are so proud of her for this accomplishment and her dedication to training for the event. There were over 2,700 walkers and thousands more spectators in attendance. The support for Breast Cancer is amazing. This is where the mixed emotions come in. Breast cancer now has an 88% - 5 year survival rate because of the dedication to finding a cure. We did a little research recently regarding attending a "walk or run" for lung cancer in our area. No luck. We were unable to come up with anything on the West Coast. How can this be? Is it because lung cancer has such a bad stigma attached to it? If so, we need to change that. Let's keep up the amazing dedication for breast cancer and perhaps initiate a stronger fight for lung cancer research.

Now for the shopping part...We didn't get anything new to wear to work. We're going to have to go shopping again soon. Darn it!

Love you more than all the PINK SHIRTS we saw at the breast cancer walk today.

Breathe Deep,
Angie & Dor

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Anonymous said...

You both look sun kissed!! What a great day for the both of you, and what a great reminder that we need to get something going for Lung Cancer!!

Its amazing to me that there isn't something out there already?? I guess that's something that we will have to change soon!!

Love you Both!! Pegster