Monday, August 14, 2006

1st day back to work

I survived. What more can I say? Leah Titus and her friend Carly dropped in this morning like little office angels and worked with me until almost 4:00 this afternoon. What would I have done without them? Thank you girls. You're welcome to drop in anytime.... I'm picking Leah up again in the morning. Besides all the help she provides, I love her company. :)

I think I'd better write in the blog during the evenings or I'll be late for work everyday. I'm never sure what I'm going to say so, it takes me at least a half an hour to get my words right. And then, sometimes I never figure it out!

Jacob starts Rush week at WSU tomorrow. I know he's excited to be back in Pullman, but we already miss having him around. Amy called from Texas today. She said it's hotter than heck, she's got a ton of bug bites and she really misses me. That's sweet Amy. I miss you, MORE! Oh great....there is another book waiting to be published. "I miss you more than...." Angie is at work everyday ordering equipment & supplies and organizing her classroom. She will always be the kind of teacher who can't wait to get back to work. I wonder who taught her that habit...spends too much time at school...comes in over the summer...stays late????

For Rick's 50th birthday present, my friend, Peggy (many of you know her as the Pegster) took black and white photos of me. I've posted one of them for your viewing pleasure. Isn't is amazing what a little make-up and black and white film can do?

I'm heading off to bed now. Love you more than all the athletic eligibility packets I approved today.

Dream Big,


Amy Schmitt said...

It's Tuesday morning already and I can't wait to get back to Washington. I am also looking forward to our scheduled "cuddle time" on Friday night. Thanks for cheering me up last night. You are always the bright light at the end of my tunnel.

Love you more than all the beer in Pullman-


Anonymous said...


How sweet you are in this picture!! I had fun taking them, and watching you smiling every which way, made me feel like I knew what I was doing!! You
truly are a knock out!!!!!:) It was a specical time for me, 4-sure!! Lasting memiories!!

I miss Jake already too!! Its going to be a good year for him, and I can't wait to see him in that cap and gown...

Amy, get home soon.. We have some catching up to do, K...

Angie, we'll be hanging soon... The Pegster..:)

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous Doreen(and I dont think it's just the makeup and B&W). I am glad to hear that you are so happy. I didn't get a chance to vote for you since we were on vacation, but I would have had I been home. I am glad that you two won. Take care and don't work so hard.

I love you more than all of Landen's diapers I have to change.

Shellee :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture Doreen! I love to read the blog and get updates. Keep up the good fight!!

Love, Allison