Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My new window decal...

This is a window decal that Kelly Lloyd and her daughter Morgan had made for me. (actually, Morgan has one too!) I LOVE IT!

Work is going well. Luckily, I had more help today. Leah Titus was back as well as the McCune kids. With all this extra help, I think I'm ready for fall sports to start.

After work today, Aunt Fran, Jennifer and baby Scarlett came by to visit. I haven't seen them since Relay for Life and what a pleasure it was. Angie stopped by as well with my grand dog Claira who performed some new tricks. Then this evening, Nicole McCune settled in for a couple of days (I would keep her if I could. I don't think her mom and dad would like it though). I love being surrounded by people I love. Thank you all for spending precious time with me.

I'm heading off to bed now. Hope to see you all very soon.

Dream Big,

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