Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So Hopeful...

After my doctor's visit today I'm finding myself more hopeful than I've been in a long time. I've always believed in Dr. Eaton's decisions so when he told me today that he was sending me to Swedish Medical Center to a BAC specialist, I had to believe that he had put a lot of thought behind it. As luck would have it, the specialist is Dr. Jack West (the doctor that my San Francisco Specialists thought I should go see). Currently, he has 3 different clinical trials going (2 that I'm eligible for). So, on Thursday I'll be heading to my first (of many) appointment with Dr. West to get my next clinical trial underway. I can't wait to share my visit with all of you on Thursday night. It's going to be a positive appointment...I can feel it already.

Rick's CT scan went as planned and we'll get the results from that next Tuesday when he has a return visit with his surgeon (along with another day of chemo).

When we got home from Seattle today, a friend of the family who is going through massage school dropped by and gave me a wonderful massage. The table was still up when Rick got home so he is out in the living room having a massage right now as I type this blog. What a treat we were given tonight. Thank you Krystal.

I just noticed the photo I posted yesterday. Ugh...I look terrible. Honestly, I look better than that on most days. I was just trying to show you my new hair.

I'd better go start dinner. It's getting late.

Keep dreaming HUGE,


Anonymous said...

That is ABSOLUTELY fantastic news Doreen! My Mom (Cathy Lewis) sees Dr West and he is great. We also met with Dr Eaton when she was diagnosed earlier this year, but the trial Dr West ran for Tarceva + Avastin was what we chose to go with. And her results have been phenomenal so far! The tumor in her lung continues to shrink (as well as in her lymph nodes) and the brain mets were eliminated with radiation. I hope the trial you go with has the same outstanding results! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

P.S. My Mom and I would love to meet with you some day!

Kristin Clark

Anonymous said...

What great news Dor! I am a member on Dr. West's web site GRACE and I have told him that if my BAC returns I am hopping on a plane to see him-he is a great guy. I know I mentioned him to you before and I am so happy that he will be part of your team. I can sense the elation and hope in your post and I am doing the happy dance!!!

That massage sounds heavenly - just what you both need - such great friends you have.

You look beautiful - always - no UGH, never! Keep smiling,

Luv, Linda