Monday, September 14, 2009

The internet is finally working :)

Now I have no excuse not to post a blog more often than I have been. My computer is now fast and working like a charm.

Tomorrow is a busy day in Seattle. I have bloodwork and an appointment starting at 8:30, then Rick has a CT scheduled over at the University of Washington at 9:30. The timing will all work out. While I'm with the doc, Rick will be drinking that really good contrast stuff that tastes like berry flavored chalk. He's always so happy to do it :) When I'm done...I'll drive over to the U and pick him up.

I'm uncertain about my appointment tomorrow. I know it's just for bloodwork and a check up but I have to say I'm a little anxious about prolonging the scan for another month. I don't anticipate any changes but if there are some, at least I could make the decision to move forward with a treatment plan. The uncertainty comes from feeling so good. Besides the sore throat and ear ache I had last weekend, I really have been feeling refreshed. If I have a scan and they start a new batch of chemo, that feeling of well being may change in a hurry. I'll discuss all my options with Dr. Eaton and let you know what we've decided. I'm posting a photo of my newest hairdo (the eyelashes and eyebrows are still gone). My hair is so short I could join the military if I wasn't so old, sick and out of shape. I look a little bit like an older GI Jane :)

Rick is feeling and looking much better than he has lately. His sense of humor is returning and I was really missing that. Even his Urbitux rash is looking much better.
Dreaming Big and Wishing for great appointments tomorrow.
Love you more,


Anonymous said...

Yahhh! I think we were all missing you. So, your not oinking? Good. You look great by the way. GI Jane is hot and so is the slightly older one.

Hoping for a good day tomorrow:)

Noah Wick said...

You still look amazingly beautiful! Keep on smiling!

Much love!