Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sorry about the blog malfunction :(

I wrote a blog before I left Desert Aire yesterday. I just noticed it never posted. Oops sorry. We were gone all day, today for Rick's chemo. Nothing exciting happened (which is a good thing when you want it to go smooth). We learned however, that Rick's next chemo embolization of his liver will be on September 1st now, not the 25th of August. Just gives Rick a little extra time to feel better.

During the summer, Jake works for a company (Epic Entertainment) that does outdoor movies on 40 foot screens. Tomorrow night, a whole group of us are going to Marymoor Park in Seattle and watching the "Goonies". I can't wait. It was a favorite at our house many years ago. I just learned from Jake that it's Pirate Night...Argh...

The house is still pretty warm after the daily heat wave. So, I think I'll call it a night. Get some lightweight jammies on and head off to bed. It was a long weekend, and an early morning. I could use the rest.

Dreaming Big,


CFCina said...

Oh, Goonies, just gotta love that silly movie! Oh and Marymoor Park...that's near Redmond where my grandparent's lived....what a great park!

HAVE FUN and continuing to Dream Big for you guys!

~ Kathy & Charlie too!

Anonymous said...


I had a great time last night, thanks for saving us a spot!

Love you, Shannon

Anonymous said...

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