Friday, August 14, 2009

Beautiful Desert Aire

The temperature is perfect over here at D.A. but the wind is a little wild. Not much action over here this weekend, but Bob and Dy will be joining us tomorrow and the fun will begin.

Tonight we're visiting with Uncle Mel and Aunt Jessie. They got a new puppy named Molly. A miniatureCheck Spelling Boston Terrier. What a great dog. They rescued it from a puppy mill.

Rick and I are both doing great. When my dad stopped by this morning to help us get ready to leave, I discovered that it was a little easier to get ready for the trip before cancer joined our lives. By the time we're all ready to go, we're exhausted and need a nap. Oh well, we're here now and that's all that matters.

Keep Dreaming Big,
Love you more ~ Dor

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