Monday, July 06, 2009

Weekend Update

What a great weekend this turned out to be. When we arrived at Desert Aire on Thursday night, I wasn't feeling well, so I went to be early to try to sleep off the crummies...I woke up Friday morning with a fever (so apparently the extra sleep wasn't what I needed). I stayed in my jammies and in bed until around 1:00pm when the fever finally broke and I felt good the rest of the weekend. Yahoo!

The temperature outside was up in the low hundreds for a couple of days so we did our best to be outside when we could tolerate it, and stayed inside with the air conditioning playing games when we couldn't take the heat.

The food was great (everyone did their part...either with a dinner, or snacks, or clean-up). We were like a well oiled gang. Never did we miss a meal or go without something cold to drink.

I'm attaching a few photos from the cart parade, PVC pole game (That Angie and Shannon brought...don't ask me how I wasn't a pretty site) and other misc. shots.

We got home last night around 11:30pm thanks to the great driving of Ricky. I was sound asleep for the majority of the trip home. (what else is new?) Because we got home so late, we did a good job of sleeping in. Once I was awake, I took a nice warm bath, then surprised Janeen and Pam at a movie. We has a nice time and got caught up on how each of our weekends turned out. Sounds like we all had a great time. After dinner tonight, I stopped at the McCune's to wish Ann a happy birthday. She's leaving for Europe with 12 kids tomorrow morning and she's be celebrating with them in Paris on Wednesday. What a fabulous time I'm sure they will all have. I told her it would have been dangerous for me to go with...I would have kept all the kids wound up and we would all probably get in trouble.

I guess I'd better head to bed. It's getting late and I've been fighting queasiness all day. Queasiness and tears... Some lady in Bartell's saw me with a scarf on and my bald edges hanging out and nicely touched my arm and said "cancer"? I lost it. I was standing in the store bawling like it was the first time I'd heard the news. I felt so bad for her. I'm not sure what set me off. Perhaps it's because visually I now look sick. :( Whatever the reason for my outburst, I'm feeling better tonight but I still think a little extra shut eye can't help.

Until tomorrow...keep dreaming big,

Love you more, Dor

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