Saturday, July 04, 2009

Have a fun and safe 4th of July

Every year I try to give you all my best advice when it comes to fireworks, matches and alcohol.  I know many of you follow all of the rules (and I thank you in advance for being good students).  Others however, need a gentle reminder that bottle rockets don't stand in for swizzle sticks, or straws.  Please use caution when lighting anything during the driest season especially when you have no idea where the item is going to eventually land.  Don't make pipe bombs out of old materials you found at your grandpa's house (I was having my appendix out 30 years ago and the girl laying next to me in the hospital lost her voice box to a "pipe bomb" that someone had just wiped up).  The trouble with trouble, my that it usually starts out as fun.

Today was the golf cart parade.  Our decoration committee did a fabulous job.  I can't post a photo tonight, but I promise to when I get back home.   The weather was a comfortable 104 degrees, ugh!  We had cold water, ice cubes to cool us down and candy to throw at the kids to keep them under control.  Vickie and I were the chosen ones to represent our gang for the parade.  We had a great time.

Everyone is upstairs playing games, doing dishes, getting ready for the fireworks show in the park.  We'll all be snuggled up on the deck watching other people shoot off their prized purchases from the local fireworks dealers.

We spent a great part of the day down at the water.  We hauled floaties, umbrellas,  chairs, coolers, bug spray (just in case), sunscreen and so much more to our cool little haven.  If you got too hot, just jump in the freezing cold water and you're good to go for another couple of hours.

Megan is training for the Avon 3 day walk that's coming up in August.  This morning, while we were all still sleeping, she got up and walked 13 miles.  We were all awake when she returned, so we cheered her over the finish line.  I can't imagine doing her training routine.

Ok, time for me to head upstairs and join the rest of my party.  It really is one of the nicest times we've had over here.  ALL the kids, Vickie and Tom and Rick and I have filled both houses with lots of love and laughter.

Love you more than all the bottle rockets shot off before it even gets dark tonight....

Dreaming Big and Sparkly,


Janeen said...

Love you more than all the dogs panting and shaking while trying to escape the noise. I've got Tully's dog at my feet under the desk right now.
Happy Independence Day, U.S.A.!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are ok. It's the 6th and just want to make sure you didn't get to your temp. and that you had enjoyed your weekend.

prayers and xo's