Thursday, July 02, 2009

Gearing up for the 4th

Well it's time for another Independence Day at Desert Aire. Golf cart parade, Fireworks display, good food, fruity drinks, laughter, more food, water balloon fights...oh the list goes on :)

It's always nice when we go away for a long weekend to have great house sitters. This weekend is no exception. Besides taking care of the house...I'm sure the flowers will appreciate getting watered and the cows will appreciate being grain fed. Thanks for always being here for us when we're gone.

Today is Melana's birthday, so we plan on doing a little celebrating tonight with strawberry shortcake. All the kids will be joining us as well as Vickie and Tom (not to mention the whole Cherry Lane neighborhood).

I didn't feel well yesterday, but I woke up today feeling much better.  

I wrote the first part of this blog early this morning.  Things changed a little as the day went on.  I fell asleep by 9:00pm and forgot to finish writing to you.  I'm exhausted now and I promise to write something meaningful tomorrow. 

Good night for now.

Dreaming Big,

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Anonymous said...

Safe travels and good times to you all.
Don't forget to rest along with all your fun !

Love you more than all the matches that will strike!