Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rick's Dr. Visit

This morning we met up with Angie to make the trek to Seattle to visit with Dr. Kooy who will be doing Rick's "newest procedure". Surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday and after the appointment today we all feel much better about it. They will be doing a procedure much like an angiogram only they will stop at his liver and shoot 3 different types of chemotherapy directly into the right lobe. The following morning they will take a CT scan to make sure the chemo grabbed on to the tumors and are doing their job. It all sounds intense, but it makes a lot of sense to go directly to the root of the problem. :)

Have I mentioned lately what wonderful kids we have? Tonight, they all met at the house so we could discuss everything we'd learned today at the doctor's office. Amy brought dinner (though Angie and Jake passed on it since they already had dinner plans). We had an amazing family meeting where they asked the important questions to Rick and I like, what do you need from us? How can we help you? Don't be afraid of counseling...we're all doing it and it makes the process much easier to deal with. How did they get so smart? I'm serious, sometimes I look at them and think they must belong to someone else.

We had to change my chemo routine for next week so I would be available for Rick on Tuesday. As of now, I have chemo Monday, Rick has surgery Tuesday, then a CT scan on Wednesday.....Sounds like next week is nearly full.

My Neulesta is working again. I can feel my pelvis and hips throbbing as I sit her writing the blog. I know this is a good thing. It means my body is producing bone marrow. Yahooie! I don't know yet if I'll be getting a blood transfusion on Monday, but the nurses told me it's like having an oil change. I'll feel great, refreshed, almost new afterwards. I'm holding them to it.

I'm heading to bed now. It was a long day with lots of information crammed into my brains. Thanks to all of you who've been joining our Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation team. We're currently in the lead....and we have 23 members. I'm so proud!

Dreaming Big,

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Anonymous said...

My husband had that treatment done it wokred so well, only problem was keeping him down for the time they wanted.Awesome results we were out of chemo for 1 year!