Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Update with Dor

These past few days have been filled with lots of business. Rick and I met with his company president in Bellevue on Friday morning, which turned into a full day of being gone. The meeting was great and we feel good about where we're going in the future.

Saturday a busy day of doing things around the house, then heading to Janeen's to celebrate her son Will's college graduation. Go Cougs.

Today has been another productive day tied in with a little Rest and Relaxation :) You can never have too much of that. I need to start packing for a couple of days in Seattle for my chemo and Rick's surgery. Sometimes it makes more sense to just stay down there rather than making the trek back and forth.

I'm a little anxious/nervous for Rick's procedure on Tuesday. I know the outcome should be fantastic, but until they get started, I'll just keep biting my nails. :(

I have chemo in the morning, and I believe it is still just Taxotere without the fever making Gemzar. I'm not sure if I'll be getting a blood transfusion, but if that's on the menu....I'll order it. Dr. Eaton won't be at my appointment tomorrow but his associate Dr. Martins will be there. I need to make sure they are going to give me a little time off so I can go to Bonnie's "Golden Gait" the first part of August. I'm hoping a little break is in the forecast and I'll get a week off for good behavior. I could use a few days without nausea or headaches...

The kids have all been really busy this weekend, so I've hardly seen hide nor hair of them. I hope to see them all on Tuesday during Rick's surgery. I always need their moral support.

I'll try to write a quick little blog before I doze off tomorrow night after chemo, but if not...One of the kids or I promise to write something on Tuesday after Rick's procedure is complete.

Keep Dreaming Huge,

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