Monday, July 13, 2009

Chemo? What Chemo?

I got a call from Mom this morning to inform me that she WOULD NOT be getting chemo this morning after all. Apparently they had her scheduled for the wrong chemo drug and therefore they gave her the day off. She will have chemo next Tuesday instead. Since Mom was already in Seattle with Pam and Janeen they decided to go shopping instead. I think this scheduling error may end up working out just fine. Instead of being exhausted tomorrow from her treatment today, she will be alert and ready to take good care of my Dad as he recovers from his surgical procedure and the UW Hospital. Mom mentioned that they are taking her off of the clinical trial that she is currently on (but not necessarily taking her off of the chemo drug that she is taking) because she was unable to follow the exact protocol of the experiment. She will be able to give you more details in her next blog. She was so busy shopping with the girls that she did not exactly load me up with a lot of details. When her "retail therapy" is over I am sure she will give me a call to help me understand this information a little bit better. Until next time...

Dreaming Big,


John said...

Our prayers continue to be with the Schmitt family. God bless you on this journey. Here's hoping for a quick recovery from your procedure, Rick.

Anonymous said...

I add mine to the many prayers that I know will be with your family on Tuesday!
Much love,
Karen in Oregon