Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Uncertain Future

This morning, Janeen picked me up for my chemo appointment, then we stopped and got Pam (because she and Janeen were having mammograms during my appointment). Well that was what we had originally planned. Today it was a very long wait for my chemo drugs because they've moved the pharmacy and are working on all the glitches. In the end Pam and Janeen were both finished (with good reports) before I even got my drip. They didn't seem too upset about it, but I hate to put people out.

I guess while I was gone today, our cows got out and my sick husband, son and daughter along with some fabulous neighbors, got them back into the field after a couple of hours of hard work. Thanks to all of you who helped Rick out today when he needed it most.

Today's appointment was a little bittersweet for me. Dr. Eaton said that today was my last treatment of this kind. Then I'll have a PET SCAN, and determining how that reads, I will go on a break. I can tell you that my body needs a break, but breaks mean NO TREATMENT, and NO TREATMENT causes growth (or so it has so far). I asked how long the break would be and he said indefinitely (until they see more growth). All of this sounds good but very scary for me.
Now, I suppose if they find that Doxataxel (the drug I'm on now) has been working according the the Pet Scan, they'll probably let me continue with it. Past Pet Scans weren't very promising so I think that's why the break will come instead. The next drug combo I'll try will be Alimta and Avastin. This is the last drug combination they have for me at this time. I could look at other hospitals for more clinical trials, but SCCA doesn't have any right now that fit my criteria.

Rick has chemo tomorrow morning (if his body can tolerate it). I know he just wants to get it over with, but he still isn't feeling well from the Artery Embolization. I'm sure he'll really be worn down after the cow fiasco today.

I'm feeling groggy after my chemo treatment today so I'd better call it a night.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

Big Dreamer, Dor


Anonymous said...

Creator God, We ask that you give both Rick and Doreen the rest they need, and the peace that only you can give. May you give their Dr's the wisdom to find new treatments, if you find this in your will. Thank you for the extended years and many great memories they have enjoyed with family and friends. We hope their are many more instore. May their tired bodies heal and be restored, from all the therapies. Thank you also for eternal life, because of your costly death for each one of us. Not one of us deserve it, but we accept it from you. In your Holy and Awesome name, Amen.

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