Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rick is feeling better

I think Rick is finally coming around. He's still pretty fatigued and has lost weight this week but over all, he seems more like his usual self. When he feels better, so do I. It's a love thing :)

These past couple of weeks have felt like a lifetime of uncertainty. I can't imagine how the kids, our friends, and family cope with the day to day struggles we put them through. Thank you all so much for your unconditional love and support.

Yesterday afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised with a beautiful gigantic bouquet of lillys and tulips from a friend and blog reader, Jeff. I had to use 3 different vases to get all the flowers in water. They are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks Jeff. They were just what we needed to cheer up our household.

I'm hoping to take a road trip with a few girls to San Francisco for Bonnie's Walk. We'll be leaving next Friday and will be gone for a few days. I don't think the drive to San Fran is that long (maybe 14 hours or so) and with a car full of women gabbing and laughing, the time will fly by. Let's pray my fever stays down so we can make this happen.

I guess I'd better get off the computer and think about making dinner. Mom and Dad gave us some fresh cracked dungeness crab so I think we'll have Crab Louies for dinner. MMMMmmmm Good!

Dreaming Big,

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