Friday, July 24, 2009


This afternoon we headed out to our friend Shelley's house for her 50th birthday party. Last year on her 49th, we threw her a 50th so this year she said she was going to throw her own party. She did throw a party, but it wasn't for was for Rick and I. Many of you were in on the surprise, but for those of you who weren't, Shelley instrumented a party where people had to pay to attend and the money was going towards an adjustable bed for Rick and I. All of this started from a little broken bed incident that Shelley and I would like to forget, but can't help laugh when we think about it.

What is so amazing about this gesture is that I know I will sleep better with my head elevated. Rick will be able to adjust his side to fit his needs and I will be able to do the same to my side. I do most of my coughing at night because my head isn't elevated enough. Now that won't be a problem.

Besides the surprise of the new mattress, we were greeted by many friends who had donated towards the purchase, my parents, and the kids (minus Jake who was working). The food was incredible, the friendship was immeasurable and the night was unforgettable. Shelley painted rocks and wood from the beach with the words "Dream Big". We can't help but Dream Big on our new mattress.

Thank you everyone for the incredible gift.

Dreaming Bigger than ever!
Doreen & Rick


Anonymous said...

We had a great time tonight. Thank you Shelly for hosting the party at your beautiful home and thanks to everyone who donated your money, time and energy into making tonight such a success!


Anonymous said...

It was an honor to celebrate with you!
Rose and Larry