Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Ricky

Today my honey is celebrating his 53rd birthday. Who would have known that only a few years ago we acted like birthdays carried the plague, now we can't wait to have another one? We celebrated like we do most birthdays in the Schmitt house....Jimmy's Pizza. Why change a great arrangement?

This afternoon my friend Kim came for a visit and lunch. We had a very nice visit and talked for hours about life and our kids and how lucky we are. I was feeling pretty good while she was here, but right before it was time to go out for dinner the heat really got to me. By the time we made it to the restaurant, I had nausea and sweat running down my face.

Now that we're home, I'm going to get into really cool clothes and head downstairs where the temperature is about 15 degrees cooler than it is upstairs. Ugh! We have a guest bedroom downstairs and I told Rick that tonight we need to be guests in our own house. Perhaps we'll sleep better than we have the past few days.

I'm really getting excited about the trip to California. 3 friends (Janeen, Cathy and Donna) will be joining me for a very special road trip. We are planning on spending 2 full days in San Francisco (including Bonnie's Golden Gait 5K Walk) and the other days will be scheduled for traveling. We plan on stopping (whenever we feel like it) to enjoy the sights along the way. I hope to bring my lap top and share the journey with all of you.

I still have the link attached to the right of my blog for Bonnie's Walk. If you're interested in donating or joining our team, you still have a few days to participate by clicking the link. I'll be bringing back t-shirts for those who signed up but didn't make it to San Francisco.

As much as I would like to write and tell you more about Rick turning 53 and the rest of my day, I really need to get out of the heat before I get sick again.

Stay hydrated. Wear sunscreen. Find a cool spot.

Dreaming Very Warm, But Big,

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dad. We love you!