Sunday, June 07, 2009

Wide awake at 3:20am

Late night at Desert Aire. Our friends Mark and Debbie and their daughters joined us over here today to take a look at house number one, visit, and spend the night before they went on to their next journey (a graduation party in Qunicy). We BBQ'd then sat outside in our courtyard chatting until midnight. The only problem I such luck with falling asleep since we came in the house. Everyone else is sound asleep (sawing logs) and I'm wide awake with no one to talk to.

Rick had a successful morning at the livestock auction (I didn't go with him since I woke up with a headache, but it went away before he returned home and I had the car packed and ready to go). He bought 5 steers from some deserving young kids who had been raising them since they were calves. He however didn't feel well when he got home. So I fed him some lunch and we got in the car and headed over. He was feeling much better this evening. He thinks maybe he was just a little hungry (and needed some of my cooking).

The weather over here today when we arrived was a beautiful 73 degrees. Nice...Not to hot...not too cold. We took advantage of the heat (or lack of heat) because those days over here come few and far between.

I guess I'll go back to bed and see if my luck changes in the sleep department.

Dreaming (ok, not really) Big...
Love you MORE,

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