Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hot June Night

The temperature outside appears to be just like yesterday, but for some reason I'm not feeling as miserable from the heat today. Perhaps it's because I've been hit with a fatigue bug that has me just laying around. This afternoon, I unloaded my dishwasher and could hardly lift the dishes up into my cupboard. I's sounds ridiculous. I actually have a little more energy now. Perhaps it was just a warning to slow down in the heat.

I started this blog earlier today...and I think I may have spoken to soon. It ended up being equally as hot as yesterday. They say, tomorrow is suppose to be 15 degrees cooler. Yahoo!

We've got another busy weekend planned. I guess it's a good way to keep our mind off all the things that can bring us down. Tomorrow night is our niece's 2nd birthday party, then it the annual Livestock Auction, then a quick trip over to Desert Aire. Then, I start the next batch of toxins that are going to change my life. (Positive Thinking)

Have a peaceful night and keep dreaming big,

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Anonymous said...

I just watched your lungtube video's.

Warning: A box of tissues is recommended.