Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We're having a "heat wave"

When I wrote yesterday, I was feeling a little bummed that the chemo didn't work as planned, but I'm feeling better about it today. The reason I opted to do this research trial was so I didn't waste time on a treatment plan that wasn't working. In my case, this first batch didn't work, so I'm on to the 2nd plan. I had to remind myself what the purpose of this option was for. I'm ok now. Just waiting for the drugs to start doing their job :) Unless the tumors start growing in size and activity, I know I will get to remain on this plan for the next 3 cycles. That will be almost 3 more months. And in cancer time...that's almost 7 years :)

I woke up around 5:30am needing an anti-nausea pill. I've been feeling fine ever since. Maybe it was just a reminder to get up early and water my plants outside before the temps get up to the predicted 90 degrees....what's that all about anyway?

Chemo went as planned for Rick yesterday. Same stuff, different day. We keep wondering why his CEA counts aren't going down (knowing that the tumors are shrinking), but the doctors aren't concerned about it. They say the numbers are still low (it's just that we know they've been lower...) we just want it all. Smaller tumors AND lower counts. Patience, Doreen...Patience....

Enough about us...hope you're all doing well. Don't forget to ~ Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate during this heatwave.

Dreaming Big (and very warm)

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