Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quick little update

I started out yesterday morning feeling pretty good. By the afternoon, I could feel the effects of the steroids working on my body and my skin felt like it was crawling. Today, I woke up feeling great, my friend Kim stopped by for a visit and by 3:30 I was feeling pretty cruddy again. I could feel a fever coming on and I was a bit queasy. I just need to get my body adjusted to these new drugs and then I'll be ok. I'm just not sure what to expect from week to week yet. Dave and Val stopped by to talk about the new adventures of the "4 Musketeers".

Dave and Val are in the middle of building their retirement home in Plain, Washington. We are so excited for their journey, but they are running into a few glitches along the way. We are willing and able to help with some of their problems, by inviting them to stay with us while they finish their building. Housemates at 50? We'll have the best time.... They accepted our offer (though Dave thinks he's going to make a bunch of the rules). We were hoping they would move in next week, but there are still a few things to work out with their buyers. I think we are all excited to spend more time together. I'm very sure that having them around will be as helpful for Rick and I as it will be for them.

I'm heading off to bed now with big hopes of waking up feeling great tomorrow. I've got a busy weekend planned with baby showers and graduation parties. I need to start feel better soon.

Love you more than all the beautiful flowers blooming on my porch :)

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Stephanie410 said...

Doreen--I just wanted to say hi...I walk this journey with you. You are an inspiration. I am a 41 YO mom of two little girls, diagnosed with Stage IV LC in Oct., 2007 (like you, no risk fact, my doc spent two years looking for a source of the pain in my right side). Looks like you are staying strong and kicking lung cancer's butt. I'm so glad.
--Stephanie (PA)