Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Blog Post number 900...

I either need to start talking less or have my blog printed in book form. Somehow, I'm running out of space. Ugh.

Chemo went ok today. It was a long day and I fell immediately asleep when I got into Cathy's car this afternoon. I don't think I was much fun on the ride home. (Well I don't remember anything if that gives you a clue). I've been sleeping ever since I got home so now I'm awake and thought I would drop you a line to get you up to date on what's happening.

After the 2 doses of chemo, they shot me in the arm with Neulesta (a drug to build up my bone marrow over the next couple of weeks since these drugs tend to do a number on your blood counts). That seems to be the only thing that hurt tonight. The needle shot in my arm. I woke up around 7:00pm feeling a bit nauseous but I took something for that before it got out of hand and I'm already feeling better.

Tomorrow, Rick and I go in for eye exams and new glasses. My vision has gotten worse over the past couple of years, I think that's an AGE thing. I forgot I can actually blame some of my faultering body on age rather than cancer related stuff.

I'd better get back to bed before I wake myself up completely.

Dream Big Happy Dreams,
Love you MORE ~ Dor


noel joy said...

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