Monday, June 01, 2009

Chemo Eve

About the photos from yesterday...I did not give my permission for that terrible photo of me driving the boat to be put on the blog. The one with Angie holding her that was nice. After I wrote the blog last night and went to bed, Angie (who is now grounded until she's 35) got back on the computer and put those photos on the blog...boy is she in trouble. She did try to explain it away by saying it was the only photo she had of me on my own birthday party.

Today was sort of laid back. I spent the afternoon with my sister in law. We did a little job at her work, then went to lunch, stopped by Amy's work to say hello, then finished up by doing a little grocery shopping. I got home early enough to open all the windows to air the house out before Rick got home. The weather was beautiful today...but inside the house it was 80 degrees. (it felt a lot like an easy bake oven)

Tomorrow is a big chemo day. Hopefully all is going well with Rick's treatments, he seems a little more worn out than usual, but we've been doing a lot of things lately to cause fatigue. I will find out if the PET scan showed shrinkage in the tumors. If not, I will most likely start a brand new chemotherapy tomorrow instead. We'll keep you posted on that when the time comes.

I feel asleep on my bed around 6:30 tonight and woke up to a phone call from Jake. Megan just found out where all her internships will be next year. The first one will be at Northsound in Mukilteo, then at a nursing home in Arlington, and she will finish out in Spokane at St. Luke's Hospital.

Ok, it's time for me to say goodnight. 5:45 am will come early tomorrow. The really good perk is, I don't have to spend a lot of time on my hair :) Shower, make-up, clothes...I'm done

Dreaming Big positive thoughts for tomorrow,


Anonymous said...

I should not be in trouble for those photos from yesterday. That was the only picture that we took that had mom in it! How did that happen? It was HER birthday party!


Anonymous said...

Ya, I'm with you, Angie! What good is a birthday without your picture?? And she looks georgeous too (discutingly!) I wish I looked half that good!!