Sunday, May 31, 2009

Settle down...It's Sunday

After a wonderful nights sleep, we woke up today and went to Pam's house on the lake to celebrate. All the kids were there, as well as my mom and dad. We had a great time and Angie even caught a fish off Pam's dock. A 15 inch small mouthed bass. She's not sure what to do with it, and she didn't want it to die....but boy was she proud of her accomplishment. Amy patiently held her pole in the water for the remainder of the day (with no luck..sorry). Melana, Grandpa Bob, Jake and Shannon all gave fishing a try with no luck either. They just gave up a little earlier than Amy. Shannon, Angie and I took Pam's little boat out around the lake for about a half hour. The weather was beautiful and the food was delicious.

I was happy to see Megan today. I wasn't sure she would be able come up and celebrate since she had so much studying to do. This coming week is FINALS. 3 presentations and 1 final test this week alone. Ugh. Good luck hon. Thanks for partying with us even though you probably wish you were studying.

Shannon's brother Kevin, his wife Sarah and their 7 week old baby daughter joined us on Friday night for Relay. What a joy it was for all of us. Thanks...for the memories.

Amy is taking me to the shooting range for my birthday. I think it was on my bucket list. Fire a out Dukes of Hazzard.

I had a good week (minus the ear ache which is finally getting better). Rick seems to be dragging a little. I think his body is overloaded with toxins and it's starting to wear on him. He's much more tired and quiet than usual.

I'm exhausted from the crazy weekend, so I'm heading off to bed at 9:00pm. Nothing good on the tube and I don't feel like doing housework.

Thanks again to all of you who made this weekend and my birthday so VERY SPECIAL.

Keep Dreaming Big,


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Relay takes a couple of days 'in recovery', so take it easy, if you know how to do that! We are sad we missed RFL this year and hope to be back next year! Sounds like it was full of fun, love, energy, and HOPE! Thanks from ALL of us!

Anonymous said...

Another Happy Belated Birthday from me! Our small town is having its 1st ever Relay for Life this Friday and I am so-o-o excited to be attending! As always you are an inspiration to me.

P.S. You are so darn cute bald - LOVE it!

Luv, Linda