Monday, June 15, 2009

Checking In

Dor hasn't been writing much lately so I thought I would give everyone a quick update on their status.  Dad seems to be really tired these days.  I haven't heard him complain about being in pain or having chemo symptoms, but we can all tell that he is tired from the constant treatment.  He has been going thru treatment for a long time without a break.  Personally, I think the guy deserves a week on a beach in Mexico.  

Mom has been under the weather the past few days.  For those of you who saw her at the parties on Saturday, you know that she over did it.  She spent most of Sunday in bed with a fever that hovered around 101.  She told us that she felt a little better today but was having a hard time getting used to the new treatment.  She said her hips are sore.  She keeps mentioning that her hips feel like a wishbone, ready to break at all times.  The new chemo is known to mess with a cancer patients bone marrow so this will be something that we keep an eye on.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that mom is sick because she is so upbeat and funny.  Other times, like the past few days, she has been a normal cancer patient.  These side effects aren't expected to last forever, but as long as the fever continues we will keep a closer eye on her.

We are hoping tomorrow will be a better day for both of them.  Dad has chemo in Seattle.  His sister Denise has volunteered to take him so mom can stay home and rest.  It's always hard to tell how my dad is feeling because he has always been so quiet.   We are hoping that mom takes advantage of her day at home and gets some rest.  She should stay off of her "wishbones" and keep an eye on her fever but she will probably end up at Starbucks with one of her friends.  Oh well, life's too short to pass up a cup of coffee.

Sleep tight.

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