Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Night Barn Dance

We just got home after a really fun evening at the "Raise the Roof, Relay Barn Dance & Auction". Lots of people, fabulous time, more laughs than you can imagine. The kids (minus Jake and Megan ~ they were at a Fleetwood Mac concert), my parents, and a bunch of friends joined us for the event. Hopefully this will be an annual occasion.

You all know the story of Angie and Shannon's bowling shirts...well tonight wasn't a whole lot different. Today they went shopping at Value Village (again) and bought Hoe-Down outfits. I'm attaching a photo because an explanation would not be sufficient. Angie doesn't make it a habit to wear a dress, so you can imagine our hysteria when she and Shannon entered the party tonight dressed like "cowgirls". I'm still laughing out loud at the way they looked. What good sports they were.

Before we left the house tonight, Amy looked at me with really sweet eyes and said, "mom, you look so good tonight, people are going to say they want what you have". I assured her they wouldn't be wishing lung cancer on themselves and thanked her for the compliment. I think it just might have been the color pink I was wearing or maybe the tan I still have from Palm Springs. I'm attaching a photo of Rick and I so you can judge for yourself.

Someone wrote on the comments yesterday that they had a recipe for hard candy to help with mouth sores...I'd like to get a copy of that if you wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks in advance.

Since we have a big lawn and lots of weeds and today was over 70 degrees, Rick and I decided to work in the yard. Thanks to my neighbor Lynell stopping by, we now have less weeds than we did yesterday. L, you're the best.

Dreaming Big with a smile on my face,


Anonymous said...

Cute. Sounds like those girls know how to have fun! You do look cute in the photo and your Ricky.


Anonymous said...

You and Rick look absolutely gorgeous AND healthy! You definately have many gifts in your life that make you look so good!

Anonymous said...

I know you are a fan of green... but pink may be your new color! Even before I read your comment on your pink shirt, I was thinking how gorgeous you look! Pretty, pretty, pretty!
As always, thanks for sharing.
We love you ~ and the inspiration you bring to all of us!