Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We're Home, Happy and Rested

I could go on for weeks about the fun we had only I don't have enough time. I will assure you however, that this will not be the only time the 6 of us go to Palm Springs in the April.

As much as I want to ramble on about the trip, I need to get to bed. Rick has chemo in the morning and we have to get up at 5:30am. Amy and I will be meeting with Dr. Eaton about my scan results and what our next plan of attack might be. You'll hear from me tomorrow after these appointments, I promise.

I'm adding some photos from my camera. None of them will include a bathing suit (those are the only ones Bob sent Angie on his cell phone). The first photo is of my new haircut. I love it. The next photo was the 6 of us at a show in a Casino. Shortly after the show was over we were all given $10.00 of Casino money to play with and I won $66.60. Yahoo. The next photo is the 6 of us playing putt putt golf. I won't mention the cheating, but the game was a lot closer than 13 strokes. And lastly, we stopped at the Cancer Survivor's Park in Palm Springs last night before dinner and this is Rick and I being a part of the sculpture.

I've missed you all,


CFCina said...

So glad you guys had so much fun in the Palms Springs! Glad you are back safe & sound...sending hugs & prayers....Kathy

Anonymous said...

Palm Springs - one of our favorite places to hang out.

Praying for you this week as you make decisions for your treatment and as Rick continues his.

When I tell my (just turned 2 years old) granson Hudson "I love you more", he says back "I love you no more, too!"

So, I love you no more!