Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Update

Unfortunately this is still Amy. It is not looking promising that my parents will have Internet access anytime soon. That means that mom will call one of us with information and then we will update all of you. So far today we have gotten a copy of the written scan results. They consist of 4 pages of "doctor language" but I will give you the plain talk version. There is increased airspace around some lesions in the lung which could represent a developing superimposed infection or hemorrhaging. With all of her coughing lately, none of us would be surprised if she has begun to hemorrhage. Also, there is minimal progression in the number of lesions from her last scan and definite interval increase in size and number of lesions compared to her January 2009 scan.

Mom was pretty emotional this morning when she called. It's hard to hear her crying. When she's not getting enough oxygen it only leads to more coughing. Her tears this morning started when she told me about her nurse that called just to say hello and see if there was anything she could do to help. My mom couldn't get over how wonderful her nursing staff has been during these rough days. She knows that she is loved and she is just as positive as ever. She knows that her body will be going thru some changes soon and that makes her sad, but she knows that it is her next step.

Again, she has asked me to thank everyone for the well wishes and then said, "No more tears... I'm headed to the pool". Good for her-


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CFCina said...

Amy--Thanks for the update! ;-)

Continuing to send lots of virtual hugs & prayers...

Also, we mailed out a little something for Dor yesterday, something I know will help continue to put a smile on her face when she gets back from her vacation! A little thinking of you gift from "little Charlie" who continues to "Dream Big" for Dor & Rick and your entire family!

Take care...Kathy (Relay friend in Oregon)