Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bad News

Just four days short of Dor's three year anniversary with cancer she got the bad news we have been dreading. Her cancer has progressed and they will be taking her off of the clinical trial. I didn't get a lot of info but it sounds like her right lung is worse as are some lymph nodes. She got the phone call this afternoon shortly after arriving in Palm Springs for their much needed vacation.

Mom and Dad shared the news with us and then said we will talk about everything later. They want to ejoy the trip and deal with reality when they get home. Dr. Eaton told mom the same thing. He told her to have fun and that they will discuss her next treatment options when she gets home.

Mom doesn't have internet access tonight so she asked me to thank everyone for the prayers and good thoughts. Mom hopes to be online tomorrow to fill everyone in on the details.

For now we are just taking one day at a time.

Dreaming Big-


Anonymous said...

Love you all..

Tai said...

Love and kisses and millions of hugs to your family.

CFCina said...

Hugs & continued prayers! ;-)

Jan & Julie said...

Many, many prayers and thoughts are going out to Dor and the enire family at this time.