Monday, April 13, 2009

Anniversary Eve

Tonight, Vickie and Tom took us out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Tomorrow (our actual anniversary date) I have a haircut (to get ready for our vacation) and a scan (to make sure the clinical trial is still working) then back home to celebrate with my honey. We don't have anything special planned, but I'm sure we do lots of fun things once we get to Palm Springs. I'm thinking "a mud bath", or a trip to some "hot springs"...

I'm really looking forward to warm weather, a good book, and great friends. We've been counting down this trip since we booked it 3 months ago. Bob and Dy send weekly reminder text messages (like we've forgotten) to make sure we're ready to go!

Rick and I have been feeling pretty good. I've been sleeping terrible lately, so last night I used my meditation to get me to sleep and it worked. Or so I think...I was asleep right before I woke up this morning ~ that was the indicator that the meditation is working.

Vickie took a photo of Rick and I at dinner tonight. I thought it was pretty cute (even with us in it) so I've decided to share it with all of you.

Sweet dreams,



Anonymous said...

Doreen and Rick,

Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have a wonderful trip.

Dixie (Heather's mom)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the warmth and sunshine!


Anonymous said...

You two love birds are DANG CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversery! What a cute picture! Have fun in Palm Springs.


raecatherine said...

Aaww, happy anniversary! Please remember to bring sunshine back with you from Palm Springs.

Is that Veracruz in little Main Street Stanwood?

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Rick and Doreen...have a fabulous trip to Palm Springs! Relax and enjoy your friends and the sunshine...think about us up here when you have one of those cute little drinks with the umbrellas in them....

Michelle said...

Great pic of you and Rick...

Hey, I think we have the same anniversary... April 14th. : )