Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I asked Pam to call and wake me up this morning to go to church with her. Apparently she called. It appears I talked to her. But somehow there was a miscommunication. I went back to bed and she waited for me at the Bank of America. Oops. She stopped by afterwards and told me what I'd missed. She also brought me flowers (even though she was still mad at me for standing her up).

I had the kids and my parents all over for brunch this morning. I was going to get up early and hide the eggs, but you all know the story of their fear of Easter Eggs. I promised I wasn't going to bring it up again so that's all I'm going to say.

I made the kids favorite breakfast/brunch meal. Eggs Benedict on croissants, fruit and mimosas. Megan brought some homemade raspberry crumble muffins to add to the meal. It was a wonderful morning.

The kids bought us a locking mailbox for our anniversary and gave it to us today. It will be nice for us to not worry about getting our mail picked up on days we're gone. I think Rick and my dad are going to install it before we leave for Palm Springs.

While we were laughing all morning (some of the laughter came from lack of sleep) my dad had his camera out. I'm going to add some photos of my crazy family.

Whenever we get together for any kind of photo shoot, one of my kids always says "hey we should do a pyramid". We laugh every time we hear it's some new idea, but today Amy, Angie, Shannon and Mel did it for us. Jake and Megan had already left or I'm sure they would have been in on the fun as well.

I've added a photo of my mom and dad since they were looking like love birds.
Rick thought he was just having a nice photo taken with his daughters, but they thought he looked better as a rabbit....

Easter always feels like a new beginning, so enjoy the rest of your day...and start fresh tomorrow.

Dreaming Big,


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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about Easter. Hey! Is that hair I see on Rick's head? I think I've been in on one of those Schmitt pyramids on Pam's lawn.
Love to the Schmitt Family! Happy Easter, Happy Spring!