Friday, April 24, 2009

Sadness strikes again

This morning I woke up to a phone call from my dear friend (and 2nd dad) Larry. His family is going through a really tough time right now as his son in law is losing his very short battle with gallbladder cancer. There is nothing I wouldn't do for Larry and his family, but I also know there is nothing I can do right now to help them through this tough time. I spent the better part of my morning thinking of Larry's daughter and her young children and the hard times they'll soon be facing. I also couldn't help but feel survivor's guilt. Here I am 3 years after my diagnosis and not much has been altered in my life. Please keep their family in your thoughts and prayers....they could use a little extra right now.

This afternoon while I was cutting Angie hair, Jake taught Shannon how to use the riding lawn mower and she turned into a farmer. We looked outside and she had put on a flannel shirt and a Wolfkill hat. It was hilarious to watch...I took photos but I can't seem to get them to download. I'll keep working on it.

Rick and I went to our first Relay for Life fundraiser this weekend, a spaghetti feed. We've got another event tomorrow evening, silent auction, then a breakfast on Sunday morning at the Duck Inn. It brings us pleasure to participate in other people's fundraisers because all the proceeds go to the same great cause.

We're both feeling really good this week. I think the trip to Palm Springs was just what the doctor ordered.

Tonight I skyped with my friends Steve and Toni in Boise. It feels like we're in the same room chatting with one another. If you aren't a Skyper yet, you should try it out.

Time to head to bed. I haven't been sleeping well lately and I could use a little extra beauty sleep.

Dreaming Big,

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CFCina said...

Sending prayers to your friend Larry's family!
~ Kathy