Friday, March 13, 2009


The past few days my body has been unable to decide if it wants to get better or continue to be sick. My mornings usually bring a high temperature and lots of coughing. As the day progresses, my temperature usually drops from the 102 range to around 99. The problem is that it tends to do the 102 to 99 jump at least twice a day. My days are ok but my nights aren't very good. Kim, Cathy, and Amy have all taken a turn at a "night shift" with me and I feel horrible for their lack of sleep. Not only do I cough throughout the night, I also have spells where I can't breathe and start to hyper-ventilate. It's not fun for me, or my night-time helpers.

A lot of people have called and emailed about wanting to come to Seattle to "take a shift" with me but as much as I would love to see everyone, I don't want anyone else to be exposed to these germs. The doctors have told us that my chance of contaminating others lessens as my temperature goes down so I want to take a few more days to recover before I go home. I had an appointment today with the infectious disease team at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. I was feeling pretty cruddy at the time, so they had a chance to see me like I've been feeling everyday since Monday. During my appointment the doctors ran a new kind of chest x ray to see if they could find anything new bacteria growing. No answers yet. They put me on a nebulizer that seems to be doing some good.

Tonight I'm actually feeling pretty good.Rick woke up this morning with a sore throat. Angie jumped right on that and made him an appointment to make sure he didn't have RSV. We got a call tonight and he's safe. Now we just need to make sure he starts feeling better too.Cathy spent the day and night with me last night and today, now Kim Boyer tag teamed her out and will be spending the night, then Pam will be in Seattle to take over tomorrow. Ok, enough talk about sickness. Let's get back to having fun...I can't stay focused long enough to write any more so I'll have to say goodbye until tomorrow.

Love you more,

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