Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Night Update

I spent over an hour last night with Amy, giving you a huge update of what's been happening. I'm not sure where that entry went but it was mostly to thank Cathy Huntington, Kim Boyer and the kids for taking care of business. Angie had Rick to the doctor yesterday afternoon at the onset of a sore throat. We're not sure if he has strept throat yet, but we do know he 's been cleared of RSV.. As of this morning, Rick has a deep cough in his chest, Jake is still feeling the reprocutions of his first illness of the school years. Amy too woke up with a sinus infection and a terrible headache.

I plan on going home tomorrow, I promise to be on my best behavior, and keep my family safe from my germs.

I'll write more tomorrow and I'm sorry for the mix up from yesterday. Keep us in your prayers...we've got an epidemic going around the Schmitt house.

Love you more,


CFCina said...

Continued prayers for all of you!
~ Kathy (Relay friend in Oregon)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon! Your family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers. Amy from NC

Anonymous said...

The other update is on Take a Little Give a Lot!

Anonymous said...

You remain in my thougths and prayers.