Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On the mend

After 10 days of feeling drained, wiped out, sicker than a dog....today I think I may have rounded the corner into a healthier life. I found that the past couple of weeks have been filled with fear, not just being sick. I guess I realized that what was happening to my body might be the beginning to the end of beating the odds. For nearly 3 years, I was a cancer patient who didn't look or act the part. I learned that RSV is not just a dyslexic class on RV'S. Now, I know that even sick people get "sick". I'm not sure how much longer I'll be under the weather but I do know that I'm making forward progress and this viral infection is nothing more than a bump in the road.

When you enter our house we have a basket filled with gloves, masks, bacterial cleaner but today we realized that there were no instructions once you entered. Pam, took it upon herself to make us a sign to help all of you out. I've attached of the poster on our door. Humor is still the best kind of medicine.

I'm sure there are times when you guys get sick of listening to me talk about my wonderful friends and family, but their love and kindness were a testament over these past couple of weeks. Without their strength and selflessness I'm not sure how I would have survived

Over the next couple of weeks I'm looking forward to working with Carol Lin and TulahHealth on webisodes for the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. Expect a lot of change in the world we once knew as Lung Cancer.

Tomorrow I'm finally going to make it in to the Wellness Center for a much needed massage. I'm sure by tomorrow I will be as good as new.

Rick and I have just crawled into bed with the hopes of getting a good night's sleep. Hope to talk to you again tomorrow.

Stay Healthy and Happy,

Big Dreamer Dor


CFCina said...

Thanks for the update and LOVE the sign that your friend Pam made....How can you not just crack-up when being instructed to take off ALL your clothes before entering your home!

Continuing to send ALL of you virtual hugs and prayers!

~ Kathy C (Relay friend in Oregon)

Anonymous said...

Do I take my clothes off before or after we drink the wine?


Lynn said...

Sheez...everyone in the house would have to wear a mask to cover their eyes before I walked in naked! Love the sign, would love to share a bottle of wine with ya...glad to hear you have gone over the top of the hill and getting better. Take care and don't overdo...loads of love, Lynn