Wednesday, March 04, 2009

State Basketball

You all know me well enough to know that I'm having a fabulous time watching hours and hours of high school basketball.  Only this's different.  Since Angie started officiating and Rick and I got sick, she has so badly wanted to be on the court as a referee at the State Tournament and for us to be around to see it.  This morning as I sat in the stands watching my beautiful daughter with a whistle hanging out of her mouth, I got a little tear in my eye knowing that another dream came true.  I'm not sure which of us was happier.  She did an amazing job and we are so proud.   She has another game tonight at 8:30 so I'd better get my game face on and head back over to the Tacoma Dome.

Until later ~ Keep dreaming big,


Anonymous said...

If I remember right both girls Ame n Ang started refing at about the age of 10 or 11. Doesn't suprise me that she was probably thee best referee in the dome. Awsome! Let us know how Amy's game goes tonight.

Anonymous said...

Amy won her game tonight. Until the next season starts she is officially the basketball champion of the "old Ladies" League.