Friday, March 06, 2009

How sweet it's been

These past few days filled with basketball are (as usual) one of my yearly highlights.  I see people that I generally only see once a year down here in Tacoma.  Excitement fills the air.  You get to witness athletes and their parents crying together (sometimes they are tears of joy, other times they're tears of sorrow) but either way it's a memory that I have never forgotten during those times when it was my family in those shoes.

Besides watching basketball games, I told you that I was also watching Angie officiate games at the highest level she can go with High School sports.  Tonight, not only did she get her cake and eat it too, but it had a frosting she'll never forget.  Angie and 2 other officials will be officiating the championship game tomorrow night at 7:00pm on Fox Sports.  She was evaluated all week on her ability and today it paid off.  We are so proud of her hard work.  More than anything, we're happy to be alive to see her in action.

It's late now and I've been crying for the past half hour, so I'd better sign off and call it a day.

Rick and I are both feeling fine.  A little cough and shingle pain are very tolerable when you've got a giant smile on your face.

Dreams Do Come True,


Heather said...

Yea, Angie! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you Angie!!!! What a special blessing for ALL of you to share!!! We will definately be watching tonight!
We Love you guys!!
Cathy and Reid

Anonymous said...


I am so aware, after reading your blog that I need to pay more attention as to where the time goes. I have been catching up, with you, Rick and family, and I can't believe it's been months!

I'm so glad to see your gorgeous wedding photos, that you are well enough to see Angie fulfill a dream, and still...posess your incredible, fighting spirit!

Wow! You SO make me re-evaluate my life and help me to be grateful for the gifts I am blessed with. Thank you.

My Jake wants a tatoo that says, "Carpe Diem!" Which means "seize the day! (in case you didn't know). I told him I'd approve, if he looked at it EVERY day and remembered...this is my life, now live it to the fullest. I even told him, (with your family in mind) that I would get one to match, as I need that reminder, daily.'s to you, and your incredible ability to Carpe Diem!

Love, Hugs and Prayers...
Julie H.

Anonymous said...

What a weekend for all of you. The Seattle Times had a nice write up about Angie in yesterday's paper... "Referee finally reaches top". It gives a little Angie history - and a bit of the family update. Well done and so special for all of you! Take some time to relax this week!