Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Quick Note

I made a conscious effort to have fun on chemo days, no matter what. Janeen had an appointment in Seattle today as well, so we went to Seattle last night, then out to dinner with Amy and Mel at a great little restaurant in Wallingford, had our room upgraded (at no cost) to a beautiful view room that overlooked Lake Union, and enjoyed every minute of our evening.

When we got up this morning, the sky and water had a pink glow to them and it looked like it was going to be a perfect day. Janeen brought me to my appointment, took care of her business, then met me back at SCCA to finish up my infusion. Everything went smooth and when we left the building, it was actually sunshining.

While I was at my appointment today, Dr. Krystana told me about a wonderful opportunity to go to a lung cancer seminar in Orlando in May. When she heard about it, she signed up and learned that it was for patients as well. She said she immediately thought of me and sent me the information to apply for a travel grant to go. I'm going to work on that tomorrow and see if they think I'm worthy of attending. I'll let you all know later. What a wonderful experience this would be.

I've been asleep for a while and I actually just got up to get a glass of water. I'm sleepy (groggy) so I'm making this short and heading back to bed.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to go with my mom to her follow up appointment. I want her to have an extra set of ears listening when the Dr.'s tell her about her gallbladder problems. I think she's happy to have me come along.

Dreaming Big with heavy eyes,

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