Thursday, February 05, 2009

Early Morning Coughing Spell

I woke myself up a few minutes ago coughing. I also woke Rick up. And the neighbor dog. And some people down the street. So, while I'm up, waiting for some meds to take hold, I thought I would drop you a note. I hope I'm not waking you as well :)

I mentioned yesterday about a wonderful opportunity I was given to go to Orlando regarding Lung Cancer. It is scheduled for the same weekend as Relay and after much thought and conversation...I think I'm going to pass on the chance. I am given opportunities all the time to learn and grow when it comes to cancer research, information, new trials. For many of you, the only time we work on eradicating cancer together is at Relay for Life and many of you do it with me in mind. I can't miss it. And I don't want to miss seeing you. I still have big plans to go to California and meet with an amazing team down there (just no date set), I always have the GALA in November, and numerous chances for education throughout the year. So, my decision is made. I'll be home for Relay and don't forget, together we can make a difference.

Amy, Angie, Megan, Sister in law Vickie, and Pam all celebrate their birthdays this month. I might need to get a job just so I can help them celebrate. Happy Birthday to all my "girls".

Dreaming Big and sleepy,

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