Thursday, January 08, 2009

Where is the little dutch boy when we need him?

Stanwood needed a little dutch boy to put his finger in the dike and save our town from a flood. I guess he had other plans. I'm going to attach some photos of what our little community looked like today (and I'm not sure it's as high as it's going to get). Most people have done a good job preparing for the flood to come, but others just prefer staying at home and riding out the storm.

I'm attaching some photos I took while I was out on a drive with Cathy today. We had a funeral to attend today and it was cancelled, so instead we accessed our town and took photos!
Notice in the first photo how much of the street signs are actually sticking out of the water...The little blue thing on the right of that photo is a bus stop. I don't think a bus will be picking anyone up anytime soon. :( Photo 2 was taken near our fire station at Forest Land Service. Pretty much everything at their business was underwater. Oh, what a mess they'll have when the water clears. Photo 3 is Jacob's classroom at Stanwood Middle School. They've placed sandbags near the doors, but he may have a mess when he returns to school on Monday. (school was cancelled again tomorrow)
I'd better get to bed soon since it's chemo day again tomorrow. Pam is taking me because she has a follow up appointment around the same time I have my infusion. I've gotta meet her at 7:30 in Smokey Point.
Angie and Shannon came over tonight and brought Rick 2 new hats. We had strawberry topped waffles for dinner, watched the National Championship game and played Apples to Apples. It was a great night. I want to start having family game night more often.
Stay safe and dry. Don't drive your car through standing water. Help sandbag if you've got some free time. Preform a random act of kindness. You'll be amazed how much better you'll feel after you've helped someone else.
Love you more,

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Anonymous said...

omg, I won't tell you how dry moses lake is right now. a slaes man we deal with called me today and said he had is own island I can see it is telling the truth. He is in Bellingham. Drive safe!