Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Great Day at the Doctor's Office

Before we arrived at the doctor's office this morning, I told Amy and Rick..."no matter what we hear today we can't get "down" about it". We knew that Rick's tumor marker (a blood test called CEA) was rising each time they did blood work. That is generally a sign that the cancer is growing. We just didn't know how bad his body would look inside. What we found out was although some of the tumors looked a little bigger, they also appeared to be empty cavities. That was a sign that the cancer was trying to grow but the old chemo was apparently do some work. We also know that in the past 10 days (after his new drug Erbitux) Rick has been losing his hair and getting a rash. (Both of these are typical side effects) These are both great signs that the new drug is working. The doctor was really pleased with the reaction Rick's body is already having. He said he doesn't' usually see results like this until at least the 2nd round of treatments. It's been proven that people who's bodies develop the rash have better results on the inside of their body as well. I couldn't be happier....Rick is just wearing more hats and will start taking some new meds to try and keep the rash at a minimum.

My chemo was uneventful yesterday. Today I feel achy and fatigued, but those are easy things to deal with. Take some Tylenol and a nap and you're good to go. I learned at my appointment yesterday that next Friday (after my scan on Thursday) they will assess my progress with this treatment and determine whether or not they will continue it. I've assured them that I'm feeling great and I KNOW it's working so we could just skip the scan if they such luck. This is a clinical trial and they have to check EVERYTHING.

You know that old saying "when it rains it pours?" well in Stanwood we say, "when it rains, it floods". They have started to evacuate the downtown area (where my parents live), and they've taken all the people from our "nursing home" to the gymnasium of our high school. The Red Cross has set up camp at the high school as well so, school in Stanwood has been cancelled again. The way it's been going around here, they'll be in school until July. Ugh! A few years back, Rick and I were at the High School helping set up cots, hauling in food and gear and nursing home patients until the wee hours of the morning. I know our help was appreciated by the Red Cross and the School District. I would love to have the energy to be over there again tonight helping out but ~ I know my limits.

Thank you for all the prayers you've sent these past few day (and years). We are so grateful for the support and love we get from all of you. I'm not sure how we would have survived without you :)

Love you more than all the rivers cresting in Washington...

Dreaming Big,


Anonymous said...

Good to here the news. As I read your blogs sometimes I wonder about cancer. I'm gaining knowledge of all kinds of things in school, including cancer. "Hate" is a strong word and I never use it, but "I HATE CANCER!" I "hate" any disease that is deadly especially when you don't know how to prevent it or you can't. DADS should wear hats sometimes anyway.. it might make ya smile, cause men in their late 40's early 50+ don't know how to wear them with style. It's cute:) Good old Stanwood flooding, it's good to see city team work. My friends dad got tapped on the shoulder today by the news man, he'll probably be on the news again tonight.

Good call I think if anyone knew or saw you out there helping they would be a JUST a little upset. Get lots of rest!

Wishing for sunshine

CFCina said...

GREAT NEWS indeed!!! Continuing to send happy thoughts & prayers your way.

Yikes on the aunt & uncle in Anacortes cancelled their trip to Portland this weekend to visit us (knowing that I-5 would probably flood around Centralia)...sending lots of DRY thoughts to you guys up in WA getting way too much rain right now...just think, 7-8 months right now we'll be having a drought in the PNW.

Dreaming Big...Kathy C (Relay friend in Oregon)....